Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.


6. Our First Date

Turns out his hotel and my hotel wernt that far apart i walked about 2 and a half blocks till i got there i didnt really dress fancy i wore a floral print waist skirt, a red hollister top, and red toms.

DIIIIIING DOOOOONG! I never went to a hotel with a door bell.

"Who is it?" a british voice asked.

"Uh Cristina." I replyed.

"Oh, NIALL SHES HERE!!!!!" The british voice said.

I walked in, looked around, smoothened out my skirt and nervously sat down, and waited.

"Hi, my name is Harry."

"Hi, im Cristina, nice to meet you."

I reached out to shake his hand, but he motions a hug instead, I go along and say,

"We will be good friends."

But just to get out the message that we are never getting together.

"Oh, you must be Cristina." Niall said.

"You can call me Cristy." I smiled

"Come on, i booked a resorvation at a restaraunt."


He held my hand and then he looked at me and said,

"Your so cute when you blush<3"


"Your really cute when you smile."

"Thanks.", "Oh, we are here."

Wow this place was beautiful, I couldnt even describe it. I was speechless.

"Well how do you like it?" Niall asked.

"Its beautiful." I said.

"Just like you love."

We ate our food and headed back to his house where i found Sara and Louis MAKING OUT? I couldnt belive my eyes, but finally Lou gets up and says,

"Harry,Liam, and Zayn went bowling."

"Okay." Niall replys.

"Lets go up stairs." Niall says

When we got up stairs we sat down and spoke about stuff, we also played a competitive game of Uno. But Niall says,

"I usually dont do this on first dates but your an exeption."

He leaned in as his lips slowly and passionatly caressed mine, I was stunned but i found my self kissing back, i ran my hand through his blond hair as his hands gripped my waist, I giggled and said, "I like being an exeption."

"I like it too." he smiled.

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