Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.


17. In Rome


  Nialls POV

 I had never ever seen Cristy in that condition before, she was just crying and sobbing and it made me feel so bad, I just wanted to scoop her up and tell her everything was okay,but I couldnt I wasnt even okay not after this.

CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK! Went the knob banging against the rusty old door, the house was pretty banged up, paint was peeling off the walls the a giant square bananna, and the door creeked as if it was an old witches cackling.

"Heeelloo?" an Old man asked as he opened the witch door, he extended the word with his raspy voice.

"Hi, Im looking for Marideth Covington," Cristy pulled her knees back like a barbie doll and bit the end of her jacket sleeve.

"Mar-ri? Oh what a great wife she was, I loved her so..." His voice trailed off.

Then I saw all the color drain out of Cristys face, the pink in her cheeks, the red of her lips then her eyes got red.

"She died several years ago," the man sighed

"Thanks..." Cristy whispered. She ran away, far away, I found her several minutes later in a line for Italian Ice, she was crying. Then she nestled her head into my chest and whispered something unregonizable but sounded like, I cant, I dont, WE can never....

"Its okay babe, we can do this its okay, we can wait a month or two,"

A teary eyed Cristina looked up at me and pushed me away.

"NO NIALL WE CANT! Our baby is due in a month or two and I want to be married when I give birth knowing Im not some whore who get pregnant at 16 with her boyfriend! Because anyone who looks at me thinks that is who I am!" Everyone was staring at us and started making a Roman commotion.

"Thats not who you are, and you know that," I said

"Niall I-I think i need a break, not like break up, but some space, Its fine if I give birth and Im still your fiance, okay?"

Then it felt like she had just crushed every bone in my body with a giant cinder-block.

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