Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.



"Twelve CCs of fluid dilator. Stat." A nurse said

"Doctor shes failing," Another nurse shouted

"Blood Pressure?"



"Weak, doctor"

"Start CPR," demanded the head doctor


The shock sounded and Hayley's limp pale body jerked up. I was wrapped in Nialls arms sobbing.

"What are you doing?! Bump it up! This is an infant here!" The head doctor shouted


"Start Chest compressions,"

"One two three," The female doctor breathed into her mouth, and she repeated several times.

"Time of death 9/25/13 5:36pm"

"NOOO! SHES NOT DEAD!" I fell to the ground. I heard Niall whisper something inaudible.

"Wait, doctor, a pulse!"

I heard the doctor and looked up, with my mascara and eyeliner dripping on to my chest, and my hair frizzed, eyes puffy, face red, through all this Niall grabbed my face and kissed me, he kissed me like he meant it. And all I could do was kiss back, I rushed over to the glass and looked at my baby breathing. The doctor said that she was in a coma that they had induced on her and that she would be out of it in 2 days.

"So I guess we are spending the night in the ER?" Niall said cheerfully.

"I guess we are, I'll call the lads."

As soon as the lads came here they were full of questions.

"What happened?" Liam asked.

Even when I knew Hayley was ok I still cried when asked about her.

"I will tell him Cristy,"

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