Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.


33. Drama Packed Chapter


   "Babe!" Niall yelled for me.

"Yes love?"

"We gotta talk."

"What is it?" I questioned

"We're going to London in 5 days."

"What the hell?" I continued "For what? Why didnt you tell me?"

"Some live television show in London, our manager set up up for."

"Well who are they interveiwing?" 

"Everyone...The boys, you, Sara, and Hayley"

"No. I do NOT want Hayley on TV yet. she just started walking and talking, and I dont want to be at risk for everyone finding out Im pregnant!"

"Crissy, calm down. I think its fine."

"Well I dont, I have things to do the day we're supposed to leave anyway, I have a shoot with Cosmopolitan Magazine and a promotional campaign with Sephora and Nars,"

"Well if you can't make it bring Hayley with you to the photo shoot and interveiw, then catch the first flight to London, we are going two days before the interveiw anyway,"

"Okay, Niall, whatever."


The Day Of The Flight

  "We're off to the airport, Cris" Said Liam.

"Yeah see you, butt face," Joked Sara

"Love you, see ya," Niall kissed Hayley and I, closed the door to the flat, and got into the limo.

"Ready to see Mommy at work?" I said to Hayley.

"Yes, mama," She giggled. 

"What do you want for breakfast?"

"Peeb!! Peeb!!" I laughed because she made up names for food. I proceeded to the kitchen to make a PB&J.

"Go sit down while and watch Peppa Pig," That was her favorite show.

"Yay! Mama, Peppa Pig talks like Hawee," I about lost it and said,

"Yes he does," I then heard my iPad mini ring, It was Niall requesting a FaceTime.

"Hayley do you wanna talk to Daddy?"

"Yeah!" I answered the call and passed it to Hayley.

"Hi daddy!"

"Hi Hayley, do you like hanging out with Mama?"

"Yeah! We are going to Comapoltan and then we are going to Wonden"

"Sounds like fun! Dont forget your barbies,"

"Yes daddy," she continued and said, "Mamas growing a baby in her tummy!"

I immediately heard her and grabbed the iPad so both of us were in the frame.

"And where did you hear that from?" Chuckled Niall.

"Yeah, baby, where you hear that from?" I mimicked Niall.

"Sawa told me but she said 'SHH dont tell' so I cant tell anyone

"Yeah, dont tell anyone, okay Hayley."

"Well i gotta run, Babe, I love you, and I cant wait to see you," He winked and I blushed.

"You know we cant do that....I love you too, bye," I made a kissy face, so did Hayley, and Niall made one back.

"Okay we gotta go, the limo is here, here your sandwich,"

"Thank yoo," She smiled as she bit into her sandwich, I took a picture of her making a silly face.

We made it to Cosmo's photo shoot, they undressed me then suggested I should do the shoot with Hayley, I agreed and looked around the studio for Hayley, to no surprise she was socializing with one of the stylists sons who looked around three, they were messing around and giggling often, I smiled at the fact that she was making friends, as I home-schooled her. I walked over to her and bent down in my high heels.

"Hey, baby, whose this?"

"Hi mama, this is Caden,"

"Hi Caden, I'm Hayley's mom. I waved and pat his head. "But Hayley has to go she's taking pictures with me,"

"Ok, bye Hayley!" It was so cute, I could see them being friends for a long time, maybe even forever. 

They dressed me in a white bodycon with lace around the shoulders and a solid fabric from the bust down, my shoes were white red bottom pumps that made me about 5 inches taller, I was wearing white gold bracelets and charms, also a pair of large pearl earrings. My hair was dyed dark-brown to honey-brown ombre, and parted in the middle and blown out. Hayley was dressed in fall colours, a white lace top with a light burgundy colour, it kinda looked like watered down wine. She was also dressed in a deep burgundy tu-tu with a gold lining, her shoes were white flats, and her light brown, thick, medium length hair was tied into a ballerina bun. She wore a rosy pink lip colour and so did I. My eyes were shades of smoky burgundy and gold, they added a statement necklace to my neck. We posed as I lifted her off of the ground and laughed at her giggle, We posed sassily with our hands on our hips, as I tried to teach Hayley how to smile with her eyes. I bent down in my heels and got to her level and kissed her forehead, I kinda knew I would love that shot.


Niall's POV

  I missed them already, I missed their smile, I missed Hayley's giggles...I missed Cristina. It was only five hours into our flight and I just wanted to see their faces.

"You okay?" Sara leaned in to ask me.

"I just miss Hayley and Cristina,"

"Oh, honey, they are fine. Trust me, Cris wouldnt let anything happen to Hayley, you dont need to miss them they are fine," 

"Yeah, I just hate being away from them. I cant stand being away from Hayley, or Cristina, I dont want to lose her again." Liam butt in.

"It will be fine, lad. Hang in there." No wonder he was saying that. He's been seeing this new girl, Lynden I think.

"Yeah, you're right," I shook it off and asked the flight attendant to bring me an Arizona tea.

Cristina's POV

   "Mommy, I'm hungry." By this time I've finished both of my tasks, and have gotten Hayley by with one snack. She said this as we were pulling up to the airport.

"I will get you some food when we get in there."

"I want ICE CREAM."

"No need to scream darling, you can have some ice cream when we get in there." I tipped the limo driver and dragged Hayley out of the car making sure she had her suitcase and jacket. I continued speaking, "Do you have to potty?"

"No," she said confidently.

"You sure?"

"Yes, mama,"

"Okay, because the toilets on the plane are dirty."

We approached security, where of course I was recognized after Hayley and I had to remove our sunglasses, and put them in the bins.

"I dont want to take off my shoes, mommy!"

"You're making a scene, baby, you have to take off your shoes,"


"Excuse me, Hayley Abigail Horan. Take off your shoes right this moment," It was obvious she was tired, and of course still hungry. She began to cry and very angrily snatched her shoes off. "See? That wasnt too hard was it missy?" After we finished getting through security I visited the travel agency.

"Hi, my name is Trish, how may I help you today?"

"Hey, Trish, I need one adult ticket and one child ticket to London at your earliest time availible?"

"Uhh yes..let me just check our listings....would you like first class?"

"Yes please,"

"Okay so the earliest flight I have for you is in about an hour and a half, with dinner included your total comes out to me $195.45."

"Okay here is my debit card,"

"Thank you! Here are your tickets,  enjoy your flight."

"Thanks," I walked up to a Godiva ice cream stand. Hayley smiled and said,

"I want chocolate!"

"Okay, one chocolate cup please,"

"Here you go ma'am,"

After she finished, our flight was half an hour I was boarding I saw....Bryce, the guy I broke up with before I had met Niall.

"Hey!" He waved me down as I was trying to hide my face.

"Oh, hi.....uhh, um-"

"Bryce." I knew his name already but I really wasnt looking forward to seeing him again, I still continued.

"So where are you headed?"

"England, what about you?"

"Same. What are you doing traveling there?"

"I'm hosting an interview in London."

".......Oh, uh who are you interviewing?"

"One direction, actually."

"I, uhh, thought you were playing football." As he was about to answer Hayley interupted.

"Is he gonna be asking daddy and you questions?"

"Yes, honey, go and sit while I'm talking to him, alright?"

"Okay," Bryce, Hayley and I walked to first class to sit Hayley in her seat.

"As you asked, I got bored with football and tried my hand in journalism, thats kind of how I got started with this interviewing stuff," He said.

"Oh well it was nice seeing you....again, see you later," I said unamused. I was worried the questions he'd ask the boys and I.

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