Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.


32. Breaking the news


  When we arrived home I was anxious. I had the test in my purse wrapped in a kleenex and in a sandwich bag. Sara, as always, was trying to blab on the down low by offering me wine, or long iced teas (my all time weaknesses)*. But as being pregnant I had to decline them, which obviously confused Niall.

"Babe, can we talk?"

"Sure..but make it fast the wedding planner is coming soon." He said.

"Okay well I-" 


"There she is!" He said excited.

I walked, well moped, to the door dissapointed that I didnt get to tell him. I put on a smile and answered the door with Niall, his hand around my waist.

"Hi!" I said excited to meet the lady.

"I'm guessing you are the lovely couple?"

"We are," said Niall kissing my forehead.

"Well come on in...would you like a drink, champagne? Water?" I asked.

"No thanks, may I ask youre name Mrs...?"

"Cristina, But call me Cris, Crissy, whatever floats your boat. You?"

"Sarah Haywood, but call me Sarah."

"Ahah. My friends name is Sara too we are all living together and the little one."

"How wonderful shall we get started?"

"Sure! First have you done any weddings before?" I questioned.

"Oh, have I? Every wedding to my great aunt Jen's to Kate Middleton."

"Really?!" Thats great!" I was excited now, my wedding was going to be everything I wanted. 

"So what would you like it to be like...small and intimate or big beautiful and grand?"

"Definitely really big, I want to go all out."

"That's perfect do you have a color scheme in mind?"

"No, not really...I want something glamorous, but classy."

"How about pastel pink and gold?" Once Niall heard that he perked up.

"Well....maybe not pastel pink."

"That seems do-able." Sarah continues, "But I'm really liking the gold so, how about gold and silver?"

"That seems wonderful!" I said. "What about a location?" I asked.

"It depends what season you want it. I'm looking at next Summer since you want it so big it will take a while to get a dress et cetera,"

"I'm thinking the black sand beach in Maui, I think Niall and I would love that, right babe?"

"Yeah, love, thats perfect! Anything you want I'm on board with."

"Well, that seems wonderful, It looks like my hour is up though. I'm in town for about a month so, call me whenever!" Sarah exclaimed.

After she left it was time to break the news.

"Niall, baby..I gotta tell you something.." I grabbed his hand and looked in his eyes.

"Yeah, Cris?"

"I'm...PREGNANT!" I wasnt worried fact I was excited.

"....Woah woah woah..youre serious? Hayley is just about to turn two."

"Yeah, arent you happy?"

"Why wouldnt I babe?" He kissed me, and whispered "we are so freaking lucky" which made me smile against his soft lips.

"Lets tell the lads!!" He popped up excited.

I yelled for the boys to come downstairs, "Guys we have an announcement." Niall and I looked at eachother and said in sync, "WE'RE PREGNANT."

"Congratualtions," Zayn chuckled.

"I'm happy for you guys," Says Sara trying to act surprised.



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