Kiss Me Im Irish~

A 16 year old contest winner gets to meet up with one direction for 3 days.... but ends up getting more than what she bargans for.


28. A wedding?


             After Hayley returned home, Niall kept on bringing up wedding plans.

"Niall, we cant get married..I'm still not old enough, I'm 17 remember?" I said while feeding Hayley.

"Well we can move babe..."

"Niall, thats and the boys are so busy with touring we could never have time," Hayley then rejected the bottle, and I cradled her to sleep.

"No, Cristina we could get married now,"

"Where might we move to?"

"Well you turn 18 tomorrow..maybe Las Vegas?"

"What about the baby?"

"Im sure my mum wouldn't mind taking care of her,"

"Mrs.Maura, I have only met her once,"

"I think the baby should meet her grandmother too," he sighed "and some alone time would be nice," Niall leaned over and kissed my neck.

"Niall.....the baby..." I giggled and sat the baby in her crib. Niall continued to nibble on my neck and slid his hands on the back of my bra and un-hooked it.

"Niall the boys will hear us,"

"Its fine love they are in the movie room," He continued and began to massage my boobs.

"Um Niall do you know where the popcorn is that we just-" Zayn asked as he walked down the stairs. I jerked up and blushed heavily.

"Never mind lad, I'll leave you two alone."

And Niall continued, I let out a moan.

"B-babe..." Niall pulled off my shirt and i climbed atop of him. I started to slowly rock my hips on top of him while we were kissing.

"Oh Cris," Niall said, he got up carrying me on his hips into our room, he layed me on the bed and pulled off my sweats.

"Oh my god! Niall!" Niall slammed in to me hard and I screamed.

"You're so good..." Niall whispered in my ear

"God Niall! Faster," And he did what I said, about 20 minutes later Niall pulled out, and we lay next to each other. I walked out to make some coffee, to see Harry rocking Hayley.

"We heard you.." Liam says

"Heard me what?" I questioned

"OH GOD, NIALL FASTER!"  Louis mimicked in a girl voice, I hit him playfully with a pillow.

"So, Niall we heard you got it in.." Zayn cheered to Niall.

"You guys are just jelly," Niall said

"I get it in with Sara at least four times a week," Says Louis, then he motioned an eskimo kiss to Sara, and she giggled.

"Hey enough guys, I have better news..we are going to Vegas!" Said Niall

"Why?" said Sara

"So me and Cristy can get married!"

"Finally! Congratulations!" Cheered Louis.

Niall smiled and pulled me into a long kiss.

"Hey you guys, if you're gonna get started again go back to your room," Said Sara

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