Never Let Me Go-- A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This story occurs when One Direction is not yet famous. It will add up to them becoming famous though, there might be a little change in time. So don't critasise, saying "They went on X Factor on 00-00-00" Blah, blah, blah, I don't care. So anywhoo, hope you enjoy! Comment/Love/Fan

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


7. 7. Betrayed

"Louis, wh-what... are you doing with Cece?" I asked with tear-filled eyes.


They stop kissing and look up at me, "Callie?" Louis says confused. "She said she was..."


"She said she was what?" I choked.


"She said she was you," He finishes.


I turn to Cece, "How could you, Cece?"


"Goodbye!" She says getting up. She ran out of my room, passed me and went into her room and shut the door. Louis comes up to me and hugs me, but I don't hug him back. He pulls me in the room and shuts the door, "I swear, I thought it was you. You know I would never hurt you like that." He says wiping my tears away with his thumb.


"Couldn't you tell the difference?" I croaked.


"If I could, I wouldn't have kissed her." He says.


"We have different colour in our eyes," I say looking up at him. "Mine is jade-like, and hers is blue."


"I'll be looking for that now," He says putting a loose strand of hair behind of my ear. "Do you forgive me?"


"...Yeah, but -- but don't make it happen again."


"Thanks," He says giving me a kiss on my tear-stained cheek.


"Uhm, I - I'll be right back," I say turning around and leaving.


I go to Cece's room and knock on the door. "Who is it?" She calls.


"You damn well know who it is," I replied.


"Actually I don't," She countered.


"Open up this door, now!" I command.


"No thank-you," She says.


Getting annoyed, I got the key for my room door and opened the door, since it can open both of our doors. She was on her computer, and when the door opened her head snapped to my direction. "You should have stayed with Tyler," She says not looking up at me.


I noticed she was wearing different clothes from me; we stopped wearing the same clothes when we started fighting over everything. Couldn't Louis see that I wasn't wearing jeans? I'm sure a dress and jeans look nothing alike. "Were you wearing that the entire time?" I ask.


She smirks, "Yeah, he could tell the difference, right? He chose me."


I walk out of her room and slam the door behind me. I went back into my room and see Louis sitting by my window. He turns around and sees me, but I don't bother looking up at him.


"Oh, hey Cal -"


"I think you should leave," I say bluntly.


"Why? Is there something wrong?" He asks.


"You should have seen Cece and I were wearing different clothes, now leave!"


"She -"


"Just go!"


"Callie please," He begs, looking like he's going to burst into tears any second.


"Bye Louis," I ended.


He sighs, "Fine, bye."


He then walks away from me, but stops at the door, "For what it's worth, I'm sorry - for... whatever I did wrong." I could hear his voice crack a little.


He then walks out the door and leaves. I walked to my door and shut it, then braced back to my door. I bury my head in my hand and then sink down to the floor. I rested my head in my knees and hug them close to me. For the rest of the day I stayed in my room just crying. I think I let go of something that was the best thing ever.

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