Never Let Me Go-- A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This story occurs when One Direction is not yet famous. It will add up to them becoming famous though, there might be a little change in time. So don't critasise, saying "They went on X Factor on 00-00-00" Blah, blah, blah, I don't care. So anywhoo, hope you enjoy! Comment/Love/Fan

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5. 5. She's what!?

A/N: I am so so so so so so so so so so sorry about not updating, but if you're only reading this one, that's a bad idea. Because my main book right now is Over Again, the sequel Forever, and the third book The Love of an Angel. So if you ever get bored because I'm not updated, just go ahead and read those. 'Cause I will start making this book after The Love of an Angel. (Which is starting soon)

Thanks for reading!
Love, Joanna



The Professor rings his bell, signalling for the class to listen. He rings it about 10 times before getting the classes attention, I look up and see him standing there, and next to him was Jenna Parks. He then announces her as the new student, are you kidding me!? He tells Louis to raise his hand, and then tells Jenna to sit beside him. Jenna then models her way over to where she was sent to sit, and then took a seat. 

After a bit of silence, Jenna speaks up, "So what are you guys doing?"

"Nothing really," Louis replies not making eye contact with her.

"So you're just sitting here, doing nothing?"

"Pretty much," 

"I love your hair!" Jenna says ruffling Louis' hair.

"Thanks," Louis half-smiles at her. I can't stay here any more, good-bye!

"I'm gonna go see if Professor needs any help." I say getting up, but before going away, Louis grabs my hand a begs for me to stay.

"If he doesn't need help, I'll come back." I reply.He pulls me down to sit then comes close to my ear, "Don't let her make you feel uncomfortable, just stay." He whispers, making me feel a tingling sensation from my head to the tip of my toes. I just agree to stay, since I can see he won't give up.


After school he walks me home, when I reached home and was about to give him a kiss, my dad opens the door. He glares at Louis, then commands that I get in the house. When we get home I see my mum and Cece sitting on the couch, Cece stayed home today, because she is "so called sick." My dad folds his arms and stares at me, "So when were you planning on telling me about this... boy?" He asks.

"I was planning on inviting him on Saturday," I say.

"What's going on here?" My mum asks joining the conversation.

"It seems Callie here.. has a 'boyfriend.'" My dad said.

"Aw, when are we gonna meet the lovely lad?" Mum asks.

"Maybe Saturday," 

"What's his name?"


"Aw, that's a cute name. Callie plus Louis equals forever." She teases.

"So explain why you were hiding this from us?" My dad chimes in.

"I wasn't hiding anything!" I defend.

"So then how come I didn't know until just now, when I caught you outside?" He asks narrowing his eyes. 

"We started going out today, daddy!" I protest.

"Well, I don't want you seeing him any more." 

"What!? Why?" I say crying.

"Aw, don't cry sweetheart. Honey, just leave her with him, he's her first boyfriend, let her enjoy it while it lasts, you know firsts never lasts." Mum says.

That mad me cry even more, so I ran upstairs to my room slamming the door in the process. Cece comes in and sits by the bed, "Go away Cece, I don't feel like talking to you right now." I say to her, with my head buried in my pillows. "Oh, and thanks for telling on me, I guess you have what you want now."

"What are you talking about?" She asks.

I got up to see my make-up was all over the white pillows, I sat up and looked at Cece. "Our little fight yesterday, Louis will never like you anyway, so keep your fantasies about getting him to yourself."

She then gets up from my bed, "Well you have to break up now, so that opens a path for me to get him." She then walks out of my room and slams the door shut.

A while after she leaves, my mum comes in. "Hun, go to the bathroom and clean the make-up off of your face."

"Okay," I agree and get up to go to the bathroom. When I come out my mum pats the side of the bed, signalling for me to go sit beside her. I go sit beside her, "So, I have straightened things out with your dad. He agreed to let you date Louis, but that is if he approves of him on Saturday. But for now, I would like to have a little talk with you." She says.

My eyes widen at what she just said, "No thanks!"

"No listen, it's not that kind of talk." She reassures me.

"Um.. okay."

She then questions me with a series of questions:

Was he always nice to you? Do you really like him? Does he like you? I answered yes to all those, then she asked a few more. "So do you think it can last forever? Do you think he'll always treat you right? Do think he's perfect?"

"Mum!"I complain. "I don't know these things, ask him." 

"Okay, fine. But here's a hard part, do you think he can tell the difference between you and your sister?" She asks.

"I'm not really sure about that one," I reply.

"Well get that straightened out, you wouldn't want him cheating on you with your own sister." She says. And with that she got up, gave me a kiss on my forehead and left.


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