Never Let Me Go-- A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This story occurs when One Direction is not yet famous. It will add up to them becoming famous though, there might be a little change in time. So don't critasise, saying "They went on X Factor on 00-00-00" Blah, blah, blah, I don't care. So anywhoo, hope you enjoy! Comment/Love/Fan

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


2. 2. First Day

Today was the day students were chosen to join the school, luckily Louis transferred. Professor Fraser was absent today. so I didn't have to help today. And because of that I have to follow a class until the end of school. I was about to head to my locker when I see Louis frantically searching through his, it was right next to mine. "Hey Louis!" I say putting in my locker combination. 

"Hey Callie, what's up?" He replies.

"Not much, Professor Fraser's absent today, so maybe I can meet you up at lunch?" I ask

"Sure, where will you sit?" He replies.

"I normally sit outside," I reply.

"Okay, I'll see you there. By the way, do you have an extra notebook you can lend me?" He asks.

"Yeah sure," I say, I look for the notebook, then hand it to him. "Here you go,"

"Thanks," He replies, then the bell rings.

"Well I gotta go now, bye." I say, he replies bye then we go to class. 

When I go to class Jenna Parks sits beside me, I don't know why though, she has hated me ever since we met! "What do you want?" I ask bluntly.

"I just have a question," She replies.

"Which is..?" I ask.

"Are you... and the new kid Louis.. going out?" She asks.

"Um.. No... Why do you even care?" I ask.

"Just wondering..." She says getting up and modelling back to her seat.

Well that was random, why does she even want to know that? Wait... She likes him? Come on! The first boy I actually like, and now she likes him. Now I know he'll fall for her, since she's the most popular girls in school, and well me... No one really knows me, I have no friends. I just hang out in Professor Fraser's room all day long until I have to go home. The bell finally signals for lunch, I pick up my bag and shuffle out of the class quickly. When I go outside, Louis was sitting on a bench waiting for me. I go sit beside him and ask how he liked the school so far. 

"Not that good, I already got two teachers that hate me." He says causing me to chuckle.

"What'd you do to get on their bad side?" I ask trying not to laugh. But he didn't get to answer, 'cause Jenna comes over, ugh! 

"Hey Louis!" She says in her usual perky voice. "How you likin' the school so far?" 

"It's good, and who are you?" He asks.

"I'm Jenna," She says.

"Oh, well nice to meet you Jenna!" Louis replies. Jenna comes and pushes me off the side of the bench to sit beside him, "Oops, I'm sorry." She says sarcastically. Louis get's up and stretches his hand out to help me up, "You okay?" He asks.

"I'm fine." I reply.

"Louis? Why you with her?" Jenna asks, I swear one day I'm gonna crack at her, one day!

"Can I help you?" Louis asks sounding a bit angry.

Jenna sighs, "Never mind, I'll leave. See you 'round!" She says as she walks away. 

"I'm gonna go, see you after school." I say to Louis.

"I'll walk you home, okay?" He replies.

"Okay, thanks." I say.


After school I wait by the bench where Louis was on the first day. I wait about ten minutes, but he doesn't come. I just decide to walk home by myself, when I reach home I put my key in the door and head in to my bedroom. I dash my bag at the side of my dresser and sink on my bed. After about a couple minutes I hear a knock on my door, "It's open!" I say, Cece opens the door and I turn on my bed to face her. "Hey Callie!" She says over joyed.

"What you so happy 'bout?" I ask.

"Who's Louis?" She asks. 

"What! How do you know about him?" I ask.

"Really!? Jenna posted online 'New School Hottie, Louis Tomlinson.' Didn't you see that?" She replies.

"Why the heck would I look on Jenna's profile page? Why do you even suspect I know him?" (A/N: In this story if I talk about twitter, and I say something that's not on twitter, ignore it please. I'm not really on twitter, only celebs and people who wanna stalk celebs go on twitter.)

"Cause yesterday he walked you home." She replies.

I swear, she stalks me. "You saw that?" 

"Yeah, you're just lucky daddy didn't see." She adds.

"I guess.." I reply. When she leaves I go and take a bath, I put on a long green sweater with my black sweat pants. Then I go on my laptop to see what  Cece was talking about, and I see she was right. And Jenna also says she's dating him, ugh! I hate this girl so much! I kept on scrolling through her page, then I hear a knock on my window. I turn to see Louis, he looks a bit beaten up. I rush to the window and open it, "What happened!?" I ask surprised.

"I don't think Tyler likes me.." He replies. 

"Oh.My.God. Tyler did this to you?" I ask and he nods in confirmation. 

"Oh no, oh no." I say shaking.

"What does he even have against me?" Louis asks.

"I'm so sorry!" I say to him.

"Sorry for what? It's not your fault." He replies.

"It is, Tyler asked me out again this morning. But I turned him down, he asked if it was because of you. Then I explained to him that he had his chance, 'cause he broke up with me literally a day after he asked me out. And then he said that you should..." I trail off.

"That I should what?" He asks.

"That you should... watch your back. I thought he was saying that to get me scared, I didn't think he really meant it. I never knew he would do this to you, I'm so sorry, I--" I say in one breath but Louis cuts me off by crashing his lips against mine. It takes me a while to realize what was happening, but then I kiss him back. When I start to back away, I blink my eyes open, realizing I just had my first kiss! When I looked at Louis he didn't even look like he knew what just happened, "I um.. sorry.. I--" He tries to apologize but I cut him off by kissing him again. I backed away because I started tasting blood, "Your lip.. it's bleeding." I say to Louis pointing to my lips showing the spot. Then I hear a knock on my door, "Callie, it's Cece, open up."

"Hold on a bit." I reply

"Go hide in the bathroom." I whisper to Louis pointing to the bathroom. He quickly goes in and closes the door, as I open my bedroom door. I let Cece in and then close the door behind her, "So what'd you want?" I asked her.

"I wanna show you something--" "You have some red stuff on your lip," She says wiping it away, she takes a good look at her finger and realizes it's blood. "It's blood! I think you cracked you lips Cal."

I touch the spot on my lip, playing along with what she said, "I'll get that later, so what did you want to show me?" I ask.

"Go on YouTube and search #Loser, in the comments Tyler said he did it for you." She replies.

"Okay, I'll check it later." I say.

"No, check it now." She replies.

I just give in and look up the video, it shows what Tyler did to Louis. He had punched Louis in his face, and now I can see why his lip was bleeding. I started to cry a little, "You're seriously crying for Louis? Aw, you like him, don't you?" Cece teases. 

"Can you leave me alone, please." I beg.

"Okay," She replies then leaves.

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