Never Let Me Go-- A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

This story occurs when One Direction is not yet famous. It will add up to them becoming famous though, there might be a little change in time. So don't critasise, saying "They went on X Factor on 00-00-00" Blah, blah, blah, I don't care. So anywhoo, hope you enjoy! Comment/Love/Fan

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1. 1. New Students

Today my school (which is more like a university for technology and science) is having some transfer students from another school. They're not really transferring, they're taking a tour of the school to see if they would like, to transfer here, at least that's what I think. The teachers will each choose students from their classes to be a tour guide for a set of the students that are visiting. About five to ten students are assigned to one tour guide, I am a lab helper from my professor, so of course I would be chosen for being a tour. I was wearing my lab coat over my yellow shirt with my white jeans. I clutched my iPad against my chest and waited for my set of students to escort. Professor Fraser directed six students to me, luckily no more. 

I took them to my professor's lab room, which is also like mine. I asked everyone their names and gave them a their name tags to match it, their names were Anthony Corbett, Lisa Chan, Louis Tomlinson, Casey Philips, Michael Smith and Alicia Bailey. After everyone got their name tags I introduced my self as Callie Star and then we started the tour. I was only to show them my floor, which was the third floor. When I finished the tour of the third floor I went back to the lab, my professor told me to clean out the lab while he was away for lunch. While I was sorting out some test tubes a boy that was from my group came and knocked on my door. I looked up at him, "Are you lost?" I asked him. "Yeah, I got separated from my class." He answers.

"How?" I ask.

"I kind of followed the wrong cluster." He says, and I can tell he was lying.

"Oh, what's your name and class number?" I asked him.

"Louis Tomlinson, class number eight." He replies.

"Oh, I had your group. Your group is probably on the fifth floor by now." I say to him.

"Well can you help me get there?" He asks.

"No, sorry. I can't leave the lab until my professor get's back, he went out for lunch, he'll be back at about 12, which is in about 45 minutes. So by then, you can just have a seat and wait here." I explain to him.

"Okay, thanks." He says, then goes and takes a seat at the back.

"Your school's transferring tomorrow, right?" I ask, trying to make conversation.

"Yeah," He replies.

"So, are you thinking of joining this school?" I ask.

"Well if you're here, I'll transfer." He says winking.

I smile, then someone knocks on the door, "It's open!" I say while packing some books on the shelf. "Ms. Star, there's someone that would like to see you. Shall I send him in?" The professor says.

"What's his name?" I asked turning to face him.

"He says his name is Tyler Braxton." The professor says.

"Oh send him in." I say to him. The professor leaves and a while later he comes in with Tyler. Then the professor closes the door and leaves. I give Tyler a hug, "Aren't you s'posed to be in school Ty?" I ask him.

"Yeah, but I have to tell you something." He says.

"Couldn't this wait 'till after school?" I ask him.

"Well, you're getting out at six today." He replies.

"Oh, so what'd you wanna tell me?" I say. He leans in by my ear, "I'm breaking up with you." He says, he gives me a kiss on my cheek then leaves without closing the door.

"So was that, um.. you boyfriend?" Louis asks me.

"Not any more," I say closing the door. "He just broke up with me." And by now I can't hold  back the tears and now they're streaming down my face. I feel Louis hugging me, I turn around to see him, he is tall! He hugs me close and I cry into his chest. "You'll be okay, don't cry." He comforts me. I keep on crying, then he holds my shoulders and looks me in the face, "Please don't cry, you'll make me cry." He says while taking one of his hands and wiping my tears away. "I'm sorry." I say to him. "I knew Cece was right," I say to myself. 

"Um.. who's Cece, and what is she right about?" Louis asks confused.

"She's my t-twin sister, when I told her about h-him she said he would just break my heart l-like all boys do. He was my f-first, in my mind I knew she was right, since she had more b-boyfriends than I ever did. But I'm so-so stupid, I never believe her, 'c-cause she lies a lot. He probably d-dated more than twenty-seven girls, 'cause if you count his t-tattoos it's twenty-seven." I say choking up after almost every word.

"What do you mean by that?" He asks.

"Every time a girl dumps him, he get's a new tattoo." I say.

"Do you even like tattoos?" He asks.

"No," I answer.

"Well, he didn't deserve a girl as beautiful as you anyway." He says.

"Aw, thank-you." I say smiling.

"Just saying the truth." He smiles back at me.

Then I go get a tissue to wipe off the make-up that was running down my face due to the tears.

Louis had left and the professor gave me a little talk to help me get over Tyler. Professor Fraser is like a father to me, but I trust him with more secrets than I would with my actual dad. Instead of telling my dad about Tyler, I told him instead. Maybe I'll tell my dad about my second boyfriend, hopefully my second will be better. So now I finally get to go home, I close up for the Professor then leave. When I go outside I see Louis sitting on a bench doing something on his phone. I go behind him and tap his shoulder, "Louis...?" He turns around and sees me and says hi.

"Why are you still here? Everyone left like about three hours ago." I say to him.

"I'm waiting for a friend." He says.

"So, you've been waiting here for three hours?" I ask, with a little hint of sarcasm. 

"Pretty much!" He says.

"If you wait for someone more than an hour, do you seriously think their still coming?" I ask still using the sarcasm. 

"I guess... So are you heading home now?" He replies.

"Yeah," I say.

"Mind if I walk with you?" He offers.

"Not at all!" I say to him.

Then we start walking together, we talk for a while and get to know each other and stuff. Then we reach my house, "Thanks for walking with me." I say.

"No problem, and um.. Why is there a ladder by this window?" He asks pointing at my bedroom window.

"Once there was a fire in my room, so now my dad has a fear of it happening again, so he put a ladder by my window so I would have somewhere to escape. I'm like his number one priority." I say to him.

"Oh, well bye. See you tomorrow, I hope." He says.

I smile, "Kay, bye."

As I shut the door he turns around and heads home.

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