Falling for One Direction

This is a story of a girl who had just moved to England with the hopes of becoming a model, knowing nothing about One Direction, she met Danielle who introduced her to Eleanor, who was sudently her Best Friend. Keep reading for more! Please keep an open mind, this is my first movella!


6. The pub

Zayn's P.O.V.

Guys!! Here! Emily! At the table!

-Coming Zayn!-Said Emily and I could help to notice she was extremely beautiful  but what was I thinking? No! I can't like her! Obviously Harry and Niall both have a crush on her. I couldn't! But she's so charismatic and gorgeous... STOP.IT.ZAYN. No! you can't!

-Hello! How are you guys, sorry, we got stuck with the paps- Niall said

-Whould you like something to drink?- The waiter at the V.I.P. section asked

-Yes! I would like a dark Porter(it's a beer) and a apple martini for my girl- Louis said

-I'll have the same as him- Liam said and Harry and Niall nodded and said us too.

-And you miss?- The waiter asked to Emily

- I... I have no idea... What do you recommend me guys?- 

- Bring us both some Red bulls- I said

- Alright I'll be right back-

-Zayn you really have to stop that obsession with red bulls!- Eleanor said

-I know El! But have you tried them! They are so addicting!

- Emily, i love your British accent were is it from?- I said

- Well I'm not British... I'm american, I've just really worked on my accent-

-Well it's lovely!- Danielle said

-Thanks! Danny- She answered

-Zayn! Lets go dancing! It'll be fun!-Emily said with puppy eyes

-Emms, I don't know how to dance I suck at it!

-No worries me to! But it seems fun! Please! 

-But, I don't know

She started singing;- C'mon C'mon and dance with me baby! 

-Fine! Fine! Don't trick me with my own song! Hahaha lets go!

-Yeah!- She grabbed my hand and toked me to the dance floor

-Ok, so it's a slow song! Easy!

We started dancing and soon the song change as the beat did, but we didn't care, we kept dancing slow motion. I wondered if she felt like I did. I just wanted her so badly  Right there! Just one kiss! What I wouldn't do to taste her soft cherry lips!

-Emily... May I kiss you?- I said in a low voice

-I was starting to think you would never!- She said as I toked her by the waist and pulled her close to me kissing her lips, I could feel her smile, it was an awesome kiss, more than I expected.

-Listen Emily, I would like to take you out on a date tomorrow, if your ok with that.

-Hell ya! At 7:30?

- Yes! Where should I pick you off?-

Move out of the dance floor you love birds- Louis said, and we did. We walked to our table with Danielle and the boy all making faces at us. I believe they saw us.

-Zayn, I don't know where you can pick me off! I didn't remember! Tomorrow at 5:00 I must be out of the hotel! We would I stay?

-Emily! Louis is renting his aparment, since he's moving out! You could possibly stay there!- Eleanor ran over to us saying that.

-No I'm not El!- Louis said

-But Lou! We discussed this! You'll move with me!

-Sorry El, I won't- 

-Whatever, I'm getting out! Have a nice Birthday Harold!

-Ely wait!- And with that Louis went running after her

-Emily, you can stay with me!- Niall said

-Really Niall?-

-Sure honey!-

Mind thought  What the heck! She's mine! I kissed her! Shoot! You bloody! What am I saying? He's one of my best mates! I have to control my self!

-Zayn and I will help you move out to Nialls! We'll bring Zayn's Bentley!- Harry said

- Ha! Sure Emily! We'll help you! But we'll bring Harry's Audi.

-Bring whatever you want guys! You may bring a bike but don't forget me!-

- I would never!- I said

- Coff thisismakingmesick coff- Harry said

- Shut up! They are absolout cutie pies!- Danielle said

- We used to be- Liam said in a lower voice, nobody heard him but me, I gave him a pat on the back and whispered -It'll be ok man! Hang on there

- We'll go after that on our date Zayn- Emily said, like wanting everyone to hear, but I didn't care I sort of wanted them to hear

-You're having a date! Great man!- Liam said as supportive as always

-Yeah great.- Harry and Niall said with rough expression.

-We are back!- Lou said, he had such a great timing!

- Sorry for all the drama before, I didn't mien to make you uncomfortable, sorry Harry dear.

- No drama, my drama queen! It's ok Eleanor!- Harry stud up and hugged her.

-Zayn and Emms are having a date!- Danielle screamed

-Really? Congratulations guys!- Louis said looking at his best-mate Harry to see if he was ok with that and he nodded, slowly, but he did it.

-Guys it's not like we are getting married!- Emily said

-It's a step closer!-

-Funny Lou! No! Not really Niall!- I said a bit pissed off

- You look hot when you are mad...- Emily said and I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

-Guys you'll help me get out of the hotel at noon? Is it ok that time?

-Yeah! We'll have a welcome party! In witch you are all invited! Be there at noon!- Nialler said

Guys, the club is closing, could you please start leaving?- The waiter said

-Yes, yes- We all said. I guess we hadn't realized it was that late, after all that time chit chatting and that 8 round of drinks time flew so fast! We were sort of drunk, so they called cabs for us and sent us all home.


Hey guys! Hope you're liking my story so far! please let me know your opinions, don't be so rough remember is my first movella!! If you are liking it, please don't forget to like! 

Love to you all xxx

P.s. I'll be updating many more chapters later, please be patient!!


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