Falling for One Direction

This is a story of a girl who had just moved to England with the hopes of becoming a model, knowing nothing about One Direction, she met Danielle who introduced her to Eleanor, who was sudently her Best Friend. Keep reading for more! Please keep an open mind, this is my first movella!


5. Limousine

Harry's P.O.V.

At the limo Lou and Eleanor started getting a little bit cozy and of course I started bragging about it, while I was doing that Emily said

-Well I think it's cute they love each other so much! It's a bit sticky but at least they have each other... While us three on the other hand are completely lonely! I mien it's not like it's bad or anything... It's just. They're lucky.- She said and stared at me like waiting for me to say something, and I was but Niall got there before me.

-Emily! That's so not true! I know we only met each other for a few hours but, you may consider me as your friend and I'm really true to my friends- He said and I felt my heart stop and my face getting redder.

-Thanks Niall! I love you my friend! Thanks for that inspirational speech  Really, you may consider me as 0your friend too, the same for you too guys: Eleanor, Louis and Harry, I love you all! Specially from receiving a little american girl with you after just knowing me for a few minutes...-

-Love! We love you too! You are well responded!- We all said at the same time.

We are here! The limo driver said.

-We'll guys El and I would go first as a couple and we'll meet you inside.- Louis said as he grabbed Eleanor's hand walking her out of the limo and posing for some paps.

How should we go out?-I said not knowing what to do.

-We'll as you don't have a partner and I don't have a partner, neither does Niall, we should go out as a tree date.

We both agreed and got out of the cab from the opposite door and we walked forward to open Emily's door and help her out.

When we open the door all cameras started flashing, Niall and I grabbed Emily's hand and helped her out, she grabbed us back and we walked together with Emms(As she liked to be called) at the middle.

As we walked to the pub's door all sorts of questions started to come.

-Who is she?- 

-Is she your new mate?-

-Are you sharing her?-With that we all laughed and I turned back saying :-This is Emily our new doodle friend, and yes we are sharing her.

Wee stood back and let them take us some pictures and we walked inside.


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