Falling for One Direction

This is a story of a girl who had just moved to England with the hopes of becoming a model, knowing nothing about One Direction, she met Danielle who introduced her to Eleanor, who was sudently her Best Friend. Keep reading for more! Please keep an open mind, this is my first movella!


4. At the flat

  Emily's P.O.V.

As we walked towards the door of the flat Eleanor said:

-Listen... Please don't freak out! Keep calm

Girls what are you hiding from me?-I said with a worried look.

Nothing! Just keep an open mind and act natural!- Danielle answered as she opened the door.

A super cute guy came running and hugged Eleanor, he kissed her and spin her around  he was wearing a stripped shirt and some red jeans. I a summed he was her boyfriend, she was very lucky. From behind the most good looking HOT boy came, he had some brown curls and was wearing a plain shirt and a black suit coat with some dark jeans.

Harry's P.O.V.

I noticed that Eleanor had brought a new friend, she was gorgeous she had black long hair. I could noticed she was looking me out so I approached to her and said.

Hello! I believe we hadn't met, I am...

-Harry! His name is Harry and I'm Louis!- He said interrupting me and grabbing El's hand.

Yes. That's who I am, thank you Lou! And who are you love?-

She was getting a little blushed as she answered- Hi! I am Emily Eleanor and Danielle's friend.

-I hope you don't mind me bringing her over guys.-Eleanor said looking right up to Louis eyes.

Babe! of course I don't mind! Whatever for my queen! Besides she's really likable.

I went and hugged Danielle and Emily, and suddenly Eleanor was singing -Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Harold! Happy birthday to you!- When she finished she gave me a hug and handed me a tiny box with a  bracelet with my name on it. I thanked her and gave her a kiss on the cheek while Louis was staring at me.

-Is it your birthday Harry? Congratulations, many more I hope!- Emily said and she hugged me - So how old Harry?- she asked

Just 19!- Louis said - He's my baby!- And he gave me a forehead kiss as everyone laughed and I was getting so pissed at him.

He let me go and I turned around and saw Lou whispering something at El's ear and she was giggling, I decided it was payback time and I said;

-Wow Lou! Seems like someone is getting action tonight!- Eleanor hit me and she said -Harry! Don't be like that! Of course his getting action tonight... action movies!- We all laughed and Lou went and whispered something to her again, but I decided to let them be happy.

I went over to Emily and asked for her number, she gave to me and I gave her mine and Louis.

Danielle said: Why are they taking so long! Does 9Zayn really has to look in the mirror that long!- We all laughed and I said - They should be arriving now and then, and we may go to the club Danny.

-Club? Party? Harry, I'm so sorry I didn't know you were going out! I don't want to impose, I'll leave.-

No! Please don't! I will like you to stay..

-But I'll be so rude of me!- She said while she got blushed.

Suddenly the door opened and Liam, Niall, Gema and Zayn got in.

Emily said- Niall!! Hello! What are you doing here pie taker!- As a smile draw on her's and Niall's face.

-What am I doing here? I am here for Harry's birthday!, what are you doing her pie eater- It seemed like they knew each other and it made me jealous.

I'm here with El but I was just leaving.-Emily said.

Please don't go Emily Niall and I would like you to join us!- I said as I looked at her nodding and exchanging numbers with Niall and all the guys.

As soon as they finished we got in a two Limousines Danielle had rented and we split, Lou, Eleanor, Emily, Niall and I in one limo and Liam, Zayn and Danielle. And from that we left.



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