Falling for One Direction

This is a story of a girl who had just moved to England with the hopes of becoming a model, knowing nothing about One Direction, she met Danielle who introduced her to Eleanor, who was sudently her Best Friend. Keep reading for more! Please keep an open mind, this is my first movella!


2. Arriving at London

It was a long flight,11 hours! in witch I slept all flight (I never get tired of sleeping)

We arrived at the London airport, the agency had sent someone to drive me to the hotel so it was really easy getting there.

As soon as I got outside I noticed It was very dark. I looked at my watch and it said it was only 5:00 pm, I was really confused so I asked the taxi driver: -Sorry but, would you mind telling me the hour?- I said with a confused look at my face-

-It's 11:00 pm miss- He must seen my confused look since he added -Remember there are 6 hours of difference with U.S.A.

Of course!-I said looking extremely happy and I nodded, I hadn't noticed we had already got to the hotel so I thank the driver and got out of the cab, letting someone carry my luggage.

I got to the registration and a nice lady toked me to my room, my luggage was already there so I thanked her and closed the door.

I was so hungry! So I called the room service: Hello! I was wondering... do you have any bacon, grilled cheese hamburgers?- I was sort of expecting a Mc Donald's burger I guess, the lady on the phone said - Umm... hamburgers? If you want I can send you some baked potatoes with cheese?- 

Yes I guess that'll be more than fine.

As soon as the potatoes got to my room I ate like I've hadn't eat in years! I was so hungry and tired, tomorrow was going to be a long day, so when I finished eating I put on some baby pink shorts with and over sided green shirt, I put my hair back in a bun, send a text to Amber saying I was at the hotel and I was going to sleep. When I finished doing that I felt in a deep sleep. 


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