Falling for One Direction

This is a story of a girl who had just moved to England with the hopes of becoming a model, knowing nothing about One Direction, she met Danielle who introduced her to Eleanor, who was sudently her Best Friend. Keep reading for more! Please keep an open mind, this is my first movella!


1. Agency call

Emily's P.O.V.

Amber!! I finally have a job offer! Remember the model agency I went a couple of weeks ago? Well, they finally called back! They want me to start in one week!

-That's great!- Amber said looking at me with her proud mommy eyes, after all she was my best friend.

Yes it is! My dream may finally come true! There's just a sad part... One of the models got sick and she was doing a 6 months campaign for the Channel Company at England, she was just at the background. Anyway the photographer wanted someone with similar characteristics, and that's me.

-And what's wrong with that honey! That is simply amazing! You are going to England!- She said while tears started to form in her eyes, I could see her walking towards me giving me a big bear hug, of course I hugged her back.

But Amber... I'm going too miss you so much! With my mother dying the past year, my father being so indifferent and drunk (as always) and me being an only child, you are just everything I have! You have always been there! And I'm just not ready to say goodbye to you or your family, since you have become my family.

-But who said this is a goodbye? I'm going to visit you every time I can, and call you until you get sick of me!- Tears started dropping for both of us. Then she said- Alright stop crying and start packing!

She helped me pack, and when we finish she stayed over and we had an all you can eat night with romance/sad movies.

----------------------------A week later-------------------------------------------------------

Emily's P.O.V.

I couldn't believe time went by so fast!

I had so little time to go and say goodbye to my friends, and Amber's and I mom (she insisted me to call her like that)

Amber dropped me at 6:00 am at the L.A. California airport and we said our goodbyes, dropping a couple more tears.

It was pretty easy getting trough the security at the airport, we boarded the plain very fast.



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