Realm of the Magi

This random story is about a world full of magic and stuff


1. Man Up

It was another cold day at the rebellion's camp, white snow covered every house and tent, leaving alone the flaming fires lit everywhere. The chief, Barax, was off on a journey to find a treasure he heard from a legend scroll.
"Dad is really greedy, sheesh!" Sashi complained, crossing her arms. "He's never coming back, I know it. Sparrow is totally going to take over,"
"Sparrow's only 17, almost 18, he's going to be a fine leader." I whispered to my little cousin. She's a bright young lady, always in pig tails. I wrapped my arms around her, my nose in her bright orange hair.
"Aries, your a Mage right?" She looked up to me, "can you see if Dad be coming back?"
"My magic doesn't work like that, and if it did I wouldn't even know how to," I lied, staring into the fire. "My magic is more natural..." I held out my hand towards the camp fire and turned my palm up, causing the fire to rise a foot more.
Sashi looked in amusement as I swirled around my index finger, the fire dancing in a circle.
I sighed...
Sashi suddenly hopped out of my lap, "Faze!" She called, cupping her hands around her mouth.
A small white kitten with little transparent wings flew out of the Head Cabin and came falling down into Sashi's arms.
"Mreow!" It meowed playfully.
I smiled and got off the wooden log. If Sparrow is going to be head chief, I'm gonna have to toughen him up!
Trudging through the snow, I took out a blue orb. "It's still bright, her dad is still dead." I murmured softly to myself. Poor Sashi. Her dad died just 2 days after he left.
I paused. The orb was swirling a different color, purple, then red. What does this signal mean? I shook my head, no time for this! I have something to get to.
"SPARROW!" I kicked open the door to the Head Cabin, pointing a finger directly at the man leaning towards a desk. He looked over in surprise, opening his mouth to speak.
His usually neat blonde hair was somewhat messed up, and his friendly hazel eyes were dim and blank, a bit of stubble under his lip.
"Wha-what?" He finally stuttered out, standing up straight.
The only thing I could think of yelling back was "Fix your HAIR!!!"

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