Realm of the Magi

This random story is about a world full of magic and stuff


2. A Journey

Sparrow quickly grabbed a wooden comb and scurried to keep it all down. "Wait... Why am I doing this?" He mumbled, putting the comb down.
"Because today I am gonna train you," I said to him. He moaned and got up, then walked over to me.
"What're we gonna do today then?" He asked. I'm glad, he's determined. I smiled.
"Off on a journey. It's gonna be so fun!" I squealed happily, I've never seen the outside of this rebellion camp. As the peppy 16 year old girl I am, I grabbed all of Sparrows things and threw it in a bag, he didn't have much though. I was prepared and already packed up, food and all.
"Really?" Sparrow said, a spark of excitement in his eyes. He hasn't been out of camp ever too. I smiled and remember when we were small...
"Yup! Off we go, towards east west!" I grabbed Sparrow's hand and dragged him out. "There will be tough obstacles though," I mumbled, trying not to name them.
"Can we tell the camp first?" He asked, I nodded and he grabbed an orb stuck to the side of my cabin. "Camp, Sparrow and Aries will be gone for a long while, in search of Chief Barax!" He lied, I knew why. He quickly grabbed his bag I was holding and flipped out his compass. He pointed to east west.

As we trudged into the thickening snow, I became more determined. He would toughen up in this snow, right? Secretly I was using a body heater spell.
I looked back at him, he also looked determined. I didn't worry about him much since he's covered in warm fur skins and trudged in snow to get wood.
As I looked around, all I could see was piles of snow and nothing else. The icy wind and fog hid everything around us.
"I see something!" Sparrow finally said. He squinted forwards, and started trudging faster. "It's a..."
I went faster then him, with my heating spell and looked up at what he was looking at.
A single red wood tree.
"I see a tree?" He attempted a smile but failed and frowned.
"Wait a minute," I whispered, and we both crouched down. "Who's that up there?"
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