Not What It Seems

Mackenzie (Mack) and Niall have been friends since kindergarten. They could read each other like a book- until, that is, Niall auditions for the X-Factor and is put in the band One Direction. When Niall visited Mack for a week, she will never forget what happens. One of the other boys- Louis- wasn't normal, he was a vampire. What will happen? Will Mack's true feelings be revealed? Or will she leave? Read on and see :) xx

***Important-- This story is complete!! I won't be updating again, and I'm sorry It's so short!!***


3. The Truth

Macks POV

The play ended, and I walked down the stage steps, wanting desperately to talk to Niall. I was wearing an old fasioned white dress, in little heels. I saw Niall waiting for me, right next to his seat. I ran into his arms and hugged him. He smelled the same as always, like mint and food. There was something different, I'm not sure what, something just seemed off. Oh well, it's probably nothing. I pulled away and looked at the gorgeous blue eyes, like I've been waiting to do ever since he left.

"Oh my gosh, Niall, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"I'm on a little break, and I saw your tweet so, here I am!" He said, and I smiled at him.

"Well how long are you going to be here? Where are you staying?" I asked.

"Oh I'll be here the rest of the week, and I'm staying at a hotel." "That's fantastic! But do you want to stay at my house, instead of a crumy hotel?"

"Oh it's fine, you don't-"

"Where are you staying?"

"Le Pometure,"

"Yeah you're staying at my house, that place is disgusting," I said.

"Alright then," He said. Since I carpooled with a friend, he drove us to the hotel to get his stuff. We loaded it all in the car, and went to my house. I live in one of the best neighbor hoods- right next to my school- in a two story house with a pool and a big backyard. There are four bedrooms and five bathrooms. It's a big house, considering It's only my dog and I. I have a little, well I don't know what they're called but I call them stuffed animal dogs because that's what they look like. Her name is Darcy. When we arrived at my house, Niall looked surprised. "How could you afford this, and pay for books and everything you need?" He asked, astounded.

"Oh this school has the best drama program, so it gets you a lot of jobs. I've done ten commercials for the school so far." I said, starting to grab his stuff.

"You can have any room, mine is the first on the right upstairs, it's just me and Darcy, my dog" I said.

"Why'd you but such a big house?"

"Visitors, sometimes. And they didn't have a smaller one this close to school." I explained, walking to the house with some bags. Then Niall put a hand on my shoulder stopping me, I turned around giving him a questioning look.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"I have to tell you something, and I don't know how you'll take it. And you might not let me stay here after you know." He looked down.

"What is it, Nialler?" I asked.

"I'm not kidding and I know it will sound insane. But I'm a... Mack, I'm a vampire,"

"But... How, how is that possible?" I stuttered.

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