Not What It Seems

Mackenzie (Mack) and Niall have been friends since kindergarten. They could read each other like a book- until, that is, Niall auditions for the X-Factor and is put in the band One Direction. When Niall visited Mack for a week, she will never forget what happens. One of the other boys- Louis- wasn't normal, he was a vampire. What will happen? Will Mack's true feelings be revealed? Or will she leave? Read on and see :) xx

***Important-- This story is complete!! I won't be updating again, and I'm sorry It's so short!!***


6. The Potion

Niall's POV

Did I just try to bite Mack? Oh my god, she isn't safe with me. There's only one thing, how did she stop me? I looked at her, ready to apoligize, but she had an ingenious look on her face.

"Mack, I'm so sor-" I started.

"Doesn't matter. Have you ever wanted to walk in the sun again?" She asked.

"Well, yes, but why does that matter?"

"Because I know how you can." She smiled. She does? I could feel the warmth on my face, have a shadow, But, how?

"How is that possible? There has never been a vampire that could walk in the sun." I was very confused, but she just smiled, and grabbed my arm, and dragged me into the basement.


Macks POV

I grabbed Nialls hand, and dragged him into the darkness in the basement. I ran down the steps, dragging Niall, and if he were human I'm sure he would've tripped. At the bottom of the stairs, I let go of Nialls hand and flipped the light switch on. The whole basement was basically a chemistry lab, with some things you might see as witchcraft, but it's meerily advanced science. On the right side was a lab table, with the plant related samples- bark, flower petals, grass, leaves, etc. Nothing illegal, of course. On the left side was an array of samples, and my notebook with all of my formulas and inventions. I love science, but not for a job, just for fun.

"Wow, you've got quite a collection," Niall said, after he survayed the room.

"Yes but that's not what I need to focus on now. This is important, trust me. Hold out your arm." I said, hurrying to pick up my little needle to take his blood.

"Okay, you know this seems weird right? You haven't told me what's going on." He said.

"I know, It's a surprise." I said, walking back over to him. I grabbed him arm- it was kind of cold- and stuck the needle in. Niall yelped in surprise, then I took it out with his blood. I walked to the back of the room where there's a curtain, and yanked it back. Behind it was a giant mixing station.

"Okay, seriously, what is going on?" He asked, looking almost irritated. I put the needle down and walked to my notebook.

"I have this formula i've been working on to reduce sun burns and skin damage while you're in the sun. That requires human blood so, theoretically, if I put your blood in you might be able to walk in the sun. This really works for me, so I hope it works on you." I said, showing him the diagram and formula. I smiled when I saw his face change, it almost looked hopeful.

"Do you really think this could work?" He asked.

"I'm positive, now I'm going to need you to do a few things."

"Like what?"

"Your heart rate needs to be slowed while you drink the potion. Nap time!" I said. I pointed to a little couch in the front of the basement. He nodded and walked over to sleep, while I got to work. I took the needle again and put it in the tube for the mixing machine. Then I grabbed everything else in the potion, and dropped them in. Three minutes later I was walking over to Niall with the potion. I slowly opened his mouth a bit- luckily he falls asleep fast, and is a deep sleeper- and poured the potion in, and waited for him to swallow. Once he did, he jerked awake.

"What did you put in that thing? That tasted horrid." He said.

"It may have, but itcould help you a lot, follow me," I said walking over to a window- The sun was just peeking out of the horizon- "Put a hand in the light," I told him.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Yes, it'll be fine." He looked at me like he wasn't sure, but slowly put his hand out, and into the light. Nothing happened, he was fine. It worked. 


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