Not What It Seems

Mackenzie (Mack) and Niall have been friends since kindergarten. They could read each other like a book- until, that is, Niall auditions for the X-Factor and is put in the band One Direction. When Niall visited Mack for a week, she will never forget what happens. One of the other boys- Louis- wasn't normal, he was a vampire. What will happen? Will Mack's true feelings be revealed? Or will she leave? Read on and see :) xx

***Important-- This story is complete!! I won't be updating again, and I'm sorry It's so short!!***


10. Not One Day Without Drama

Niall's POV

Yesterday I had kissed Mack, and I don't regret it. Not one bit. After the kiss we had  laid around and cuddled until we fell asleep. She had woken up early to go to school, so I was here alone. I decided to have a picnic ready for when she got home- which she had said would be one, in a hour. I went into her kitchen and found a picnic basket and purple plaid blanket. I made a gigantic lunch with ham and turkey sandwiches, apple juice, and chips. Nothing fancy, just a simple little picnic. I still had about twenty minutes, so I went out front and set up the picnic. Right as I had finished Mack pulled up in her Ram truck. She saw the little picnic and smiled. She walked over, then bent down and gave me a kiss.

Mack's POV

Could this week get any better? First Niall Horan says he likes me and kisses me, and now a little picnic. Too bad I don't even know where we are in our relationship, he hasn't asked me out so we aren't dating, but we aren't just friends either. I got out of my truck and walked over. I bent down and gave him a quick kiss on his lips. I sat next to him and really looked at the picnic- since I was staring at Niall as I walked over here. He made all of my favorites. I thought this was going to be the best day ever, and I smiled. Niall put a finger under my chin and pushed it up so I was looking at him.

"I wanted to make this day special, and I hope I did. So, Mackenzie Bourg, would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" He asked. I couldn't think, it felt as if he had proposed to me, that's how happy I was. I couldn't get more than a wisper out, and I simply said:

"Yes," I smiled, and he smiled back. He wrapped his hands around my waste and pulled my closer, and crashed our lips together. It wasn't a rough kiss though, it was soft, sweet, and passionate. It lasted for what felt like a lifetime, but was probably only five seconds. I can't believe it, I'm dating Niall Horan! I hoped this moment would last forever, but sadly I was wrong.

Our time was interupted by someones laugh. It was a raspy and undesirable laugh. I turned my head, and heard Niall hiss. I looked at him and he had bared his fangs. He put his arm in front of me and stood me up as he nudged me behind him and wispered:

"He's a werewolf, he could hurt you or me," I knew that if he even tried to hurt Niall, I would break him, that was one thing I was sure of. The man stepped closer, causing Niall to nudge me further back. Niall looked like he was ready to pounce, and that's what he did when the guy lunged at him. The guy startedto change in midair, he grew gray rough fur, his eyes became large and black, his hands elongated into huge claws, and he grew a tail- all in a second, he was a full on werewolf. He was now much, much bigger than Niall, and once they reached each other he over took Niall and slashed his face almost into shreds. Even though in almost every vampire movie you see vampires heal fast, that's not the case when it comes to were wolves. Niall was just lying there, in a deadheep. I couldn't take it, I focused all my energy into shape shifting. I made myself bigger, badder than the were wolf. I had red fur, long fangs, dangerous claws, and blood red eyes. I basically looked like an advanced werewolf. I lunged at him and tackled him to the ground. We slashed, and clawed at eachother, but I was on top the whole time. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Niall start to move, some of his wound finally healed. He looked over at the fight and widened his eyes. Soon enough, though, the other werewolf started to swing softer, like he was tired. I put one paw on his neck and the others oh his body, so that I was standing on him. I growled at him, making sure he knew what he was dealing with- if he didn't already.

"M-mack?" I heard Niall ask. I couldn't speak, I knew that. I saw that the other werewolf had passed out, so I looked up and howled. I got off of the man and walked over to Niall. I would've changed back then but, this isn't like the movies. My clothes don't just disappear and reappear, they're now in little bits probably flying away in the wind.

"Can you turn back to normal?" I nodded yes, but looked at the ground and shook no, hoping he would get 'not here'. He looked confused, so I nudged my head to a piece of my old clothes. He turned around and saw it, then put a hand on my back and led me inside.

Once we were inside I looked back at him then ran upstairs. I went into my room and imagined me as myself. I wonder... I tried to imagine myself with new clothes, a light pink off the shoulder shirt with a white tank top, and pink skinny jeans. It worked, and I looked cute! I added my pink headband that matched. I walked down the hall, and as I was about to walk down the stairs I saw Niall on the phone. I decided to wait up here in case this was one of those 'go into another room' calls. He got off the phone and I then walked down the stairs.

"Hey Ni," I smiled and gave him a kiss. He looked fully healed now.

"Hey, so I have something to tell you," He siad.

"What's that?" I asked, this must've been what he was on the phone about. Or it was completly irrelevant, either way it was something.

"So you know how I said I'd be here a week?" I nodded  "Well, I just got a call and it was Paul, my manager/bodyguard, and he saidthat I either had to go back tomorrow, or the boys had to come here." He said. There was no way I was letting him leave, not now.

"How long could you stay if the boys came?" I asked.

"Well, until our next tour starts, which will most likely be June, in five months," Score. My school year ends then, so I could do anything with him then. I smiled.

"Let the boys come," I simply said.

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