Not What It Seems

Mackenzie (Mack) and Niall have been friends since kindergarten. They could read each other like a book- until, that is, Niall auditions for the X-Factor and is put in the band One Direction. When Niall visited Mack for a week, she will never forget what happens. One of the other boys- Louis- wasn't normal, he was a vampire. What will happen? Will Mack's true feelings be revealed? Or will she leave? Read on and see :) xx

***Important-- This story is complete!! I won't be updating again, and I'm sorry It's so short!!***


12. Experiments

Louis's POV

Mack was a mouse. This is just great, how does Niall get hmself into these situations? As soon as Mack ran by in mouse form, I took Nialls arm and dragged him to the kitchen.

"I'll explan it to everyone, and not five times," Niall said.

"I don't want an explaination. I'm teling you this is dangerous for both of us. It's because we're vampires that it is. There have only ever been ten shapeshifter's in existense. None of them have turned out well. She-"

"I don't care what you say. If you're trying to get me away from her, it won't work. Do whatever you want, I'm staying." Niall stated, then walked out of the room to explain, and I followed. He doesn't understand. It's not us in danger, although that's very possibly, it's her. No one's ever understanded shapshifting, and that'swhy there are none left. The vampires killed them all. They wern't all the same, though, one of them almost survived. She had fallen in love with a vampire, and Kevin had killed her. I just hope that won't happen to Mack.

Almost as soon as Niall had finshed his story, Fiahna came out of mouse form. She had been sitting on the couch just listening. At the same time, though, Liz was quick to be at the other side of the room. She looked scared, and I figured she might be.

"Liz, It's okay, I won't hurt you," Mack said. Liz shook her head and ran out, with Mack running after her.

"Mack!" I yelled and she turned around, "She won't want to see you know, it might make it worse,"

"Then she won't see me," She said. At least it was Mack. She turned into Harry as soon as she said that, same clothes, eyes, smile, everything. Couldn't tell one difference about them. She winked at a shocked Harry and ran out of the house.

Macks POV

I ran outside and down the street to where Liz was. I couldn't let her be afraid of me, she was my best friend. I may have the boys now- although I'm not sure how I'll get along with them- but I needa girl to hang out with, so I don't go on over load. I caught up to her- Harry runs very fast, that might come in handy- and caught her arm to turn her around.

"Not now, please Harry. I'm confused, and I don't know what to do. These things weren't supposed to exist and yet I just witnessed it. I want to hear Mack tell me I have nothing to worry about, but even that might not help- and she's my best friend." She said. I understood why she was so confused, but Iwasn't sure it was going to be so easy.

"Well then you're in luck," I said in Harry's deep husky voice. I looked around to make sure there was nobody around, there wasn't, and I transformed back into myself. Her eyes widened, but before she could run away I said:

"Trust me, you don't have anything to worry about. I wouldn't think of hurting you, or any of the boys, you should know that. Please can you come back to the house, Liz?" I asked. She nodded her head after a moment, and I smiled while pulling her into a hug. I don't know why, but I thought of Niall when I hugged her, possibly because she doesn't know he's a vampire. I pulled back, and almost screamed. I saw Niall where Liz was supposed to be standing. She looked at me wierdly, but all I could mutter was, "I thought of him,"

"What?" Liz/Niall asked.

"I thought of him while I hugged you! I can transform other people too!" I practically screamed.

"What are you talking ab- Holy censored!" She screamed when she looked at her hands, that were now Nialls. She looked horrified, while I had an amazed look onmy face. I took her new hand and dragged her back to the house.

When we got inside, I heard a gasp throughout the room, not unlike what I was expecting. Niall's face was especially shocked.

"H-how?" Niall asked.

"I really don't know, I guess when we hugged I had thought of you because of... reasons," I said, quickly growing fangs and then removing them, "and when we pulled back Liz was you,"

"Well can you change her back?" Harry asked. I turned to Liz and put my hand on her arm, then concentrated on what she really looked like- with the light blue highlights she always wanted. She turned back into herself, and I stepped back.

"You were right, those highlights do look good on you," I said, with a smirk.

"What?" she asked as she walked over to the mirror on the wall, "Oh my god, Mack! These are so cute! Thank you! Oh, is that how you got those red tips?" She gushed as she fixed her new- and- improved hair.

"Yup, any of you boys want a change?" I sarcastically asked while laughing.

"Okay, we need to figure out what exactly you can do." Liam said.

"Like experiments?" I asked.

"Exactly," said Liam. *twenty minutes later* the experiments all worked, so I can now transform other people, as well as turn them invisible. Great day right? Wrong. I had a splitting headache and passed out at eight O' Clock, with Niall next to me.


So I didn't have ideas, so I asked a friend and changed the idea a bit. I hope you liked the chapter, and I know I'm adding a lot of new things in my story, but it all adds up in the end. Like, comment, and favorite, maybe? <3 xx


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