Lost In Paradise (One Direction Not Famous)

Laila has run into trouble. Bad grades, drinking, smoking, drugs, you name it. When she is shipped off to her dads for the summer, her dad who lives in Hawaii, she thinks it will be the worst summer of her life. She starts working at her dads swim shop. There, she meets Liam, her dads other employee. Will it be paradise or will it be a nightmare?


7. Chapter 7

The rest of the way to the shop, we sat in silence. How could I possibly have a little sister? Did I not remember her? Did she look like me? Did she act like me? God I hoped she hadn't needed to turn to what I did. Honestly, I would never wish my decisions upon anybody. No matter the circumstances. I should have never taken that joint from Carter. I was knocked from my thoughts by Liam cutting the ignition. "We're here." He said flatly. I stepped from the car, walking towards the building. I opened the door in one swift motion. The bell on top of the door rang. "Sorry! We're closed!" A deep voice boomed from behind the counter. I didn't say anything, I mean what am I supposed to say? This man hasn't been in my life. The man, I'm hoping this was my father, looked up from the counter. He dropped the box that he was holding in his hand. "Laila?" He asked, his voice cracking a little. "Hey dad." I said, a small smile playing at my lips. "Oh God." He said rushing towards me.
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