Lost In Paradise (One Direction Not Famous)

Laila has run into trouble. Bad grades, drinking, smoking, drugs, you name it. When she is shipped off to her dads for the summer, her dad who lives in Hawaii, she thinks it will be the worst summer of her life. She starts working at her dads swim shop. There, she meets Liam, her dads other employee. Will it be paradise or will it be a nightmare?


27. Chapter 27

Laila POV 

After we laid on the beach for a while, we packed up and went home. The rest of the night consisted of me and Lillian talking about the date. We finally fell asleep after a very eventful day. 

The next morning we woke up and headed downstairs to get some breakfast. Instead, we saw Liam and Harry standing in front of us. My dad was at the counter talking to them. He looked really... Scared and serious at the same time. This couldn't be good. I spoke up. "Hey uh, what you guys doing here so early?" I asked, waking into the kitchen with Lillian  right behind me. Liam looked up. He had a look in his face that I don't think I had ever seen from him; worry. Sure enough, he walked over to me and held my hands tightly. Harry got Lillian to come sit with him and put his arm around her shoulder. "Before I tell you this, I want you to know that I love you. Whatever happens, I just want you to know that," he continued. "About a week ago, Harry and I had to apply to have our names put in the military draft. I didn't exactly think much of it, I mean, who would want us? Well, I got up this morning, and there was a letter in the mail." He stopped, and I could feel my heart breaking with every word. He breathed in deeply. "I'm going to war Laila." A single tear feel from my eye, then a whole bunch. "No. You're kidding. He's joking right Harry?" I turned looking at the curly haired boy. His head was down and Lillian was crying. "Harry! Tell me he's joking!" I choked out. I was pouring tears by this point. Harry looked up. He looked at Lillian, who was staring at him through her tears. He looked over at me and shook his head. "He's not. We're going. We have to." He said flatly. I stepped back and slid down the wall. I sat on the ground and pulled my knees up to my chest. Liam bent down and sat next to me. "I'm sorry." He said. I looked over at him and saw something I had never seen before. Tears. Liam was crying. I crawled over to him and hugged him. I was going to miss him, I wasn't going to lie. He was my everything. I didn't realize something until now. I didn't just want to be with him. I needed to be with him. I realized something g else too. He had told me he loved me. And the thing is, I love him too. "I love you too." I whispered, only so we could hear. He lifted his head up, red eyes staring intently at me. "You mean it?" He asked. I nodded. "I couldn't lie about it." I spoke. He leaned over and kissed me. It wasn't anything too much. It was saying I love you, even though we already had. He leaned out and smiled. He wiped one of the last tears that were on my face. "Don't cry over me. I'll be fine." I laughed. "Just keep your ass safe." I chuckled. 

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