Lost In Paradise (One Direction Not Famous)

Laila has run into trouble. Bad grades, drinking, smoking, drugs, you name it. When she is shipped off to her dads for the summer, her dad who lives in Hawaii, she thinks it will be the worst summer of her life. She starts working at her dads swim shop. There, she meets Liam, her dads other employee. Will it be paradise or will it be a nightmare?


26. Chapter 26

We arrived at a very secluded and private beach area. Liam took the keys out and hopped out of his side, walking over to mine. He opened the door and I jumped out. He grabbed a bag out of the back, which I'm guessing had bathing suits in it. He grabbed my hand and led me down a small pathway. 

 We walked for at least five minutes down the pathway, around corners and through bushes until we got to probably one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. There was a little picnic set up in front of the ocean. "And here we are." Liam said, kissing my hand then smiling at me. "It's beautiful." I breathed. "I'm glad, I wanted this to be perfect." He chuckled. I smiled at him then leaned in and gave him a small peck on the lips. "Well it is, so mission accomplished for you." I laughed. "Go get changed in one of those tents. We're going swimming." He reached down to pull my swimming things out and threw them at me. I laughed and walked to the little changing tent. 

 I put on my swimsuit, a two piece pink bikini, and stared at myself in the little mirror that was leaning against the wall of the tent. I took in all the little tattoos that were sprinkled across my body. Some of them were pretty stupid, like the one of Carter's name and the day we got together. Luckily, they were easily hidden, both of the to the bottom of my back. There were about six or seven others, from a star to an anchor on my index finger. I grabbed my clothes and walked out of the tent. Liam was sitting on the blanket fixing something. I looked out at the ocean, it was a beautiful sight, the waves crashing against the shore and the way the sun was setting. I placed my clothes back into the bag and sat down. Liam finished up whatever he was doing and turned around. He smiled and walked over to me and hugged me. "I wouldn't of bought a dress or put on makeup if you would've told me we were going swimming." I laughed. "Oh sorry." Liam said, scratching the back of his neck. I smiled and stood up. He gave me a questionable look. "What? We came to swim, and that's what I intend on doing." I said and pulled his arm. He got up and shuffled behind me. I splashed into the water and smiled when I felt two arms rap around my waist. "You're beautiful." He whispered. I smiled and turned around to face him. He wrapped his arms around my waist again. I felt his fingers making shapes on my skin. I then realized he was tracing my tattoo of a bird that was on my lower back. He put his head in the crook of my neck and we stood there in silence for a little while. "Harry has almost the same tattoo in his chest. There's two birds instead of one though." He spoke softly. "That's cool." I said. "What's this one?" He asked, pointing to the small numbers that were on my left shoulder blade. "Well, uh, that's the day me and Carter got together." I said, trying to break from Liam's grasp. He cleared his throat. "That's the day Chloe got diagnosed." He spoke softly. I looked down in disbelief. "That tattoo will always have a new meaning then." I said. He nodded and I walked out into the water and went under. I stayed under until I couldn't hold it any longer. I came back up, and Liam was swimming around. I walked over to him and jumped on him. He splashed around and picked me up. He carried me up onto the shore. He laid me down on the sand and put his forehead against mine. "Are you trying to kill me woman?" I giggled. "Nope, never." He laughed. "Good." He leaned down and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. 

 We played in the water for a little bit longer, then went back up on shore and layer down on the blanket. I wasn't really that hungry, and I don't think Liam was either. We just laid under the stars and watched them. "I used to love watching the stars when I was younger. Dad would always bring me to this really cool place in Central Park. It was kinda hard though, having the lights and all. This is really nice." I smiled, turning to look at him. He grabbed my hand in his and looked back up. "Look! Look it's a shooting star! Make a wish!" He said, his hand pointing at the shiny moving object. I thought to myself. What did I want to wish for. Nothing. I had everything I needed. 

Liam POV
I stared over at Laila as she thought about her wish. I knew exactly what I was wishing for. I was wishing that I wouldn't get picked for the draft. I had applied last week and put no thought into my decision. How was a kid like me from a small town in Hawaii gonna get picked? I still wished that I wouldn't. But sometimes, wishes don't get granted. 


A/N: IM SO FLIPPING  SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING IN ALMOST TWO WEEKS. IM JUST LAZY K. But anyways, the next chapter will defiantly make you guys go a little like what? But updates will try to be almost everyday now. SEE YA LATER! 

-Abbie :) 

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