Lost In Paradise (One Direction Not Famous)

Laila has run into trouble. Bad grades, drinking, smoking, drugs, you name it. When she is shipped off to her dads for the summer, her dad who lives in Hawaii, she thinks it will be the worst summer of her life. She starts working at her dads swim shop. There, she meets Liam, her dads other employee. Will it be paradise or will it be a nightmare?


23. Chapter 23

I ordered the pizza and we went and sat in the living room. Liam came and sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around me. I nuzzled my face into his neck and he kissed my hair. "You sure you don't wanna tell me what happened?" I groaned and shook my head harshly. "Fine." I smiled and buried my head back into his shoulder. Chloe bounced down the stairs. "Hey Laila, can I go to my friends house and spend the night?" She asked happily. I thought for a second. Dad was having to stay late because of some meeting. It sounded perfectly harmless. "Yeah sure. Go get packed up and then she can come and get you." I said. "YESSSSS THANKYOU!" She screamed. I laughed and watched as she made her way upstairs. "Well damn," I said. "I ordered the pizza and now she's not gonna be here to eat it!" I sighed and sat up. Lillian looked up from where she was laying down texting on her phone. "Harry could come over and we could have a movie night. We would defiantly eat the pizza." She laughed. I nodded. "Yeah, you guys can stay the night if you want." Lillian nodded and went back to her phone, probably texting Harry. I looked up at Liam. "What do you think?" I asked. He thought for a moment the turned back to me. "I think that would be good." I smiled as he kissed my forehead. * * * An hour passed and we were all sitting in the middle of the floor playing UNO. Chloe had left almost thirty minutes ago and a couple minutes after that, Harry came. I was getting pretty bored so I got up and went into the kitchen. The pizza wasn't here yet, so I was getting hungry, fast. My phone started ringing, so I picked it up and looked at the caller I.D. It was an unknown number. I hesitated, but picked it up. "Hello?" I asked though the phone. "I always knew you picked up on unknown calls." A voice said. It wasn't just any voice, it was Carter's. "What do you want Carter." I said through gritted teeth. "Why don't you come outside and I could tell you." He spoke into the phone. I gasped. "You're outside of my freaking house!?" I screamed. "Baby just come out here, we need to sort some stuff out." I huffed and rolled my eyes. "Ok first, I'm not your baby anymore. Second, I will come outside, only so I can slap the shit out of you." I hung up and ran to the front door, opening it quietly. I walked out into the cool summer air. The light that was coming from the street lights was the only thing that let me see the way to Carter's car. I walked over and banged on his window. "Get out." I said. He climbed out of the drivers sea and walked around the back of the car. "Yanno I've really missed that bossy attitude of yours." He said, the smirk evident on his face. I scoffed. "What do you want to talk about?" I said, crossing my arms and shivering. All I wanted was for Liam to hold me in his arms, but I needed to handle this myself. "It didn't happen how you think. She made me do it. I was drunk." I looked at him in disbelief. "Oh bullshit! You screwed me over for one of my friends Carter! One of my friends!" I yelled. He looked at me and then back down at his hands. "I didn't come here to ask you to forgive you, I came here to make you forgive me." There was bitterness in his words. I was trying to process what he was dating when he grabbed my wrist. "You're coming with me." He said. "No." I said. "What did you just say?" He asked, turning to face me. His glare was like a thousand knives piercing into my body. "I said no." His eyes flashed a different color, it was something I has never seen before. They quickly changed back. His grip on my wrist grew tighter and he started to drag me into his car. I screamed loudly. "Liam! Liam help me!" He threw his hand over my mouth. I only thought of one thing that I could do. I bit down on his hand, hard. He pulled back quickly. "Did you just bite me?" I glared at him. "You little bitch." He slapped me clean across my cheek. It stung a lot, but I shook it off and kneed him right between his legs. He leaned over in pain. This gave me enough time to scramble out of the car and make a run for the house. I was almost to the door when he grabbed my ankle and pulled me down. I fell on my chin and heard a loud crack. I cried out in pain. There were footsteps behind me, but everything was so dark. He leaned over me. "You really shouldn't have done that." He whispered in my ear. LIAM POV: Laila had gone into the kitchen about fifteen minutes ago. I started to get worried so I went to check on her. She wasn't there. That's when I heard a loud scream. There was only one thing I thought of. Laila. I bolted down the stairs and out into the front yard. I couldn't really see anything, and the dim lights from the street lights weren't really helping. There was another loud scream so I ran to the noise. I saw Laila on the the ground, and some guy hovering over her. "Hey! Get away from her!" I screamed. The guy looked up. I ran over to them and stopped when I saw Laila lying down, groaning in pain. I ran to her, cradling her in my arms. There was blood dripping down her face, a large gash in her jaw. Her cheek was red. He hit her. "You hit her." I said, my jaw clenching. He smirked down at me. "Why should you care." He spat. "I'm her boyfriend. How could I not care?" I said harshly. He looked shocked. "She's already found somebody else, slut." I laid her down and stood up. "Listen to me. Don't you ever, and I mean ever, call her a slut. You don't even know her." He chuckled. "I'm her ex boyfriend. I can call her whatever I want." "You're the douche who cheated on her." I spoke. "The one and only." He said. I shoved him against his car. "You get out of here. Now!" I yelled the last part, making him flinch. He didn't move. I kneed him between his legs and fisted his shirt between my fingers. "Go!" I yelled. I released my grasp and he hobbled over to the drivers side and hopped in. He backed out of the driveway and I watched as his car drove down the road. I walked over to Laila and picked her up. "I'm so sorry baby." I said as I kissed her forehead. She groaned in response. I walked inside and laid her on the couch. Lillian gasped. "What the hell happened?" She screeched. "Carter." I said. "Let me get her some band aids." She rushed down the hall. I turned to look at her. She was probably either knocked out or asleep. Lillian came back into the room and started to bandage her wounds. After a few minutes she stepped back. "She should be ok now. Lets just let her sleep." I kissed her cheek and walked back into the kitchen. (A/N: For being so patient, you get an extra long chapter!)
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