Lost In Paradise (One Direction Not Famous)

Laila has run into trouble. Bad grades, drinking, smoking, drugs, you name it. When she is shipped off to her dads for the summer, her dad who lives in Hawaii, she thinks it will be the worst summer of her life. She starts working at her dads swim shop. There, she meets Liam, her dads other employee. Will it be paradise or will it be a nightmare?


16. Chapter 16

Laila......Lailaaaaaaaaaaa." I heard a voice cooing my name. I fluttered open my eyes to reveal a fully dressed Chloe poking my cheek. "Oh, you're awake!" She giggled, clapping her hands. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and stretched. I was still in my clothes from last night. I propped myself up on one elbow and stared at Chloe. She looked very tired, judging by the bags under her eyes. "I waited up for you until about 12. Then you still weren't home, so I went to sleep. I wanted to know everything about what happened!" She squealed, as if reading my mind. "Chloe, you shouldn't have waited up for me. You need your rest." She scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Just because I've got cancer, it doesn't mean that I'm going to pass out if I don't sleep Laila. Now tell me. EVERYTHING!" She yelled. I laughed. "Well, we went to a club and stayed there for a little while. Then we went to the beach. And then we came home." I said simply, leaving out the part about Marcus. She looked at me wide eyed and smirked. "Are you absolutely positive that nothing else happened?" She asked, tapping her foot on the ground. I huffed. "Liam may or may not have kissed me...." I said quietly. There was suddenly a high pitched scream. I immediately covered my ears and stared at Chloe who was doing a little dance around the room. "HE FREAKING KISSED YOU?!?!?!?" She asked, probably loud enough for the entire state of Hawaii to hear. "Yes Chloe! Now please don't tell anyone. I really don't know how to feel about this right now. My uh..now ex boyfriend just cheated on me last night so..yeah." I hesitated. "Oh, ok I'm sorry." She said hugging me. I smiled. "It's fine. Now what are we gonna do today?" I asked, hopefully trying to rid Carter and Liam from my mind. "Well YOU are going to go talk to Liam. Like right now. So get your lazy butt up and go down to the shop. He should be here. I mean he's always here unless he's sick." Awwwww. That's so sweet,he must have been wanting to help dad. "Oh yeah Lillian and the other boys are there too so...GO GO GO!!!" She screamed while running out of the room. I laughed while getting out of the bed and going over to my suitcase. I should really unpack. I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt, then some sandals. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my hair and teeth. I looked at myself in the little and decided I looked decent. I walked down the stairs and saw Chloe sitting on the couch watching spongebob. "You're never to old for a little spongebob." Chloe said while eating a muffin. "True dat." I said before walking out of the kitchen. I walked down the other set of stairs that led to a door to the shop. "Ok, let's do this." I told myself before opening the door.
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