Enchanted to Meet You

A FANFICTION about Liam and Zayn. Read to find out what happens.


1. prologue

Hey my name is Rebecca and I have light brown curly hair that comes right below my shoulder. I have brown eyes and freckles. I wear glasses and I LOVE One Direction! And today is the first day I start my new job. I am babysitting baby Lux and I am so nervous.

I got out of bed at 6:30 and dragged myself to the shower. I turned on the hot water and let it run while I grabbed a towel and my iPod. I started to play my music which was obviously One Direction and I stepped into the shower. I let the hot water run down my body and started singing. I only sing while I'm in the shower because I am a terrible singer. Anyway I washed my hair with my favorite shampoo and conditioner that made my hair smell like apples and make it extremely soft. I used the matching body wash so my body would smell good to. I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me. I looked in the mirror and saw the same thing I saw everyday. My freckle covered face. Ugh I hate these stupid freckles, I thought to myself. "I wish my skin was perfect like everyone else's" I said to myself as I dried off and walked into my teal room. I walked over to my closet and decided on what to wear. I decided I was going to wear my tan shorts with my favorite t-shirt that had a British and Irish flag mixed together. It is part of my 1D collection. I looked at the clock and it said 7:30. I slipped on my clothes and put my shoes on and spritzed on some of my favorite perfume. i walked over to my mirror and applied my makeup which was just some eyeliner and some blush and mascara. I grabbed my glasses off the table and slid them on. I am definitely going to be getting contacts because these glasses are so ugly. I walked into my bathroom and brushed my wet hair. It went straight so i shook it and it started curling. I also brushed my teeth while i was in there. I walked out of the bathroom and went to my bed and grabbed my phone and purse. i pressed the home button to check the time. My phone said it was 7:54. I walked over to the table in my room and grabbed a hair tie. My hair was almost dry so i put it into a ponytail. Then i walked out of my room and down the stairs to where my full length mirror was and looked at myself. I was pleased with my appearance so i grabbed a granola bar and walked outside to my car. I plugged in my GPS and typed in the address

'Turn right in 300 feet' my gps commanded. As I turned right I pulled into the drive way of my new bosses house. I got out of my car and walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. I looked at the house. It was really big. I don't know how else to describe it besides big. All of a sudden the door opens and Paul is standing there in a tuxedo.


skipping introduction to everyone. its 9:00pm..........


I finally got Lux to sleep and i am just as tired as she is. I walked down the stairs and sat on the couch. I turned on the t.v and layed down on the couch and as soon as my head hit it i was out.

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