The Olympian (Liam Payne fanfiction)

A girl named rue meats one direction and falls in live with Liam... She also is a professinsl track runner.


8. My new besties!

Liam's pov
Rue sat down on the couch next to me I felt like she was ment for me. Um...rue I have been meaning to tellyou this for a while...well here goes nothing. Rue will you go out with me? Yes! She responded. She gave me a quick hug and laid her head on my shoulder. Louis looked back at us. "so are you two a couple now?" yup! I said proudly.

Nialls pov
Hey do you guys want to go to nandos tonight?" Ya sure" rue said! I'll bring Lia and Harry do you want to bring Nicole? Sure he said. I call Nicole right now. Ok, I told Harry. I'll call Lia.
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