The Olympian (Liam Payne fanfiction)

A girl named rue meats one direction and falls in live with Liam... She also is a professinsl track runner.


5. Morning!!

Rue's pov
I woke up to my iPhone playing "I would". I started dancing around my room and singing. I jumped on my bed and was attempting a back flip.before I did I stopped my self. Bad Idea I thought. I jumped off my bed and turned off my iPhone. I walked out if my room to my bathroom. I turned on my shower and took my clothes off and jumped in. It felt really good! I jumped out and grabbed a towel. I walked back to my room and put on the outfit I picked out last night. I ran down the stairs and grabbed some yogurt. I walked back up to my bathroom and blow dried my hair. I slightly curled it and bobby pinned a little part back. I applied a little a bit of makeup. And went back to my room and waited (witch seemed like forever) for the clock to strike 1:00...and I would be over at louis house.
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