The Olympian (Liam Payne fanfiction)

A girl named rue meats one direction and falls in live with Liam... She also is a professinsl track runner.


6. Louis house

Rue's POV
It was 12:45 and I decided to head over to louis house. I walked down stairs told my mom and got into my car. I turned on the radio and gangdam style. I laughed to myself as I tried to speak carrien. I took out louis adress and tried to find it. I pulled into a long drive way to find a big house. I walked up to the door and knocked. Niall answered the door. "hey guys! It rue!" I walked in. I got a whole bunch of hugs from every one. Louis gave me a tour around house. He ended with his backyard were the pool was. "and this is the pool." louis said. wow this is amazing I said! " boys are you coming?" louis shouted? All of them came running down and splashing I to the water. "Rue,you know were the bathroom is, do u want to change into your swimming suite?" no, I already have it on! I took my short and shorts off and jumped in. We started a game of sharks and Minnoes. I was swimming away from Niall when I ran out of breath and started drowning. I was sinking and waving my hands above water. I was running out if breath slowly. My hands were slowly falling under water and my legs failing to kick. I was just about to run out of breath when two strong arms wrapped around my shoulders pulling me up I was to scared to open my eyes. All that I know is that I was on a pool deck. I was in someone's arm crying into there shoulder. I was still gasping for breath. "'s ok rue your ok. I recognized it as liams voice. I wouldn't let go ever I felt so safe in his arms. I finally let go and coughed up some water. I grabbed my towel and dried off. "Can we take a break?" I asked. Ofcourse they said Liam assisted me to the house I slipped on my shirt and sat down in the couch,only to soon fall asleep.
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