The Olympian (Liam Payne fanfiction)

A girl named rue meats one direction and falls in live with Liam... She also is a professinsl track runner.


4. back home part "2'

I quickly ate my supper and went back upstairs. i was picking out something to wear and relized....i dont have a bikini!

I finished picking out my outfit witch was a blue ambercrombie shirt and Jean shorts. I ran down stairs and and told my my mom where I was going. Before she could respond I was out the door. Getting into my car I pulled my iPod out of purse and plugged it in. I turned on one direction and started to sing to I would. I finally got to target and walked inside. I headed over to the swimming suites. I found just what I was looking for... A black bikini. I grabbed and went to the dressing room. I asked the worker for a room and she led me there. I tried it on and it got just right. I put back on my regular cloeths and the bikini on it's hanger. I grabbed a smart water and went to check out. I bought my stuff and got into my car. I pulled into my drive way and walked inside. I walked into my room and checked my iPhone. I got on twitter and checked everything. I logged off and got in my pajamas. I crawled into a bed and fell asleep.
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