A young girl, Shiro, who is 13, is forever stuck in what she thinks is a horrible life. Things could get better but they could also get worse.


1. Hospital

Beep..beep..beep...A loud and high pitched beep slowly, one by one, waved into my head. My eyes stood shut, while my mind stood wide open. I slowly opened my eyes. At first every thing was blurry. But then I was able to get a focus. I stared straight at my leg which was lifted up, in a cast. My eyes opened even wider and laid frozen. Then, I took a glance around the room. My neck was stiff, so it hurt. But i could bare the pain. Hospital? I guess so. 

       Paintings around the room were beautifully made, the air smelt like roses. I thought possibly I was dreaming. So, I pinched myself on the arm so hard, I felt my skin tear off as I let go. I felt as blood trickled down and splattered to the ground. I guess I wasn't dreaming, I really am in a wonderful hospital, with a broken leg. I stopped staring at the paintings and attempted to sit up. Luckily I was strong enough, but it was painful. 

     I put two fingers over where my arm was bleeding, so it stopped dripping all over the floor and covers. I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of nausea. My stomach started battling me as I cover my mouth from vomit flying everywhere. Apparently, I was too late. My stomach won the fight and the throw up was so strong it pushed my hand away from my mouth and happily traveled everywhere. Now the bed was covered in blood and puke. I weakly reached over to a box of tissues and wiped my mouth. I saw from the corner of my eye as a nurse came running in.

    "Are you okay sweetie?" she asked worried.

     "I'm, fine..." I said trying to speak.

     " Let me help you get all cleaned up."

     "Thanks, and...could i ask...what happened?"

      "Well, apparently, you were found in the middle of nowhere lying on the ground, all bloody and bruised. We asked as many people as we could, but nobody knew exactly what happened." She explained while stripping the covers from the bed and dressing it with clean ones. 

      "Oh, long have I been out? And, where am I?

       "You've been out for about 3 days. And, your in a hospital...the most wealthy one around."

       "Wow, I-I don't remember anything...what's the date, and what day is it?

       " New York, August, 2012. Sunday." she replied"

       " Okay and when can i get out?"

       "Most likley today, if not then tomorrow. And, how old are you. Whats your name?"

        " Shiro, and I'm 13, why?" I ask.

         " You're pretty young, where are your parents?"

         "My mom died when I was one, and my dad is, well, I don't know where."

         "Sorry, hon, anyways, I'm going to get you to stand up and I'm going to teach you how to use crutches."

        "Okay," I said and lifted myself up. I was dizzy and light headed. But that didn't stop me from getting up. My arms shaked as I pushed my self up, on my feet, or atleast my foot. My left foot, the broken one, was throbbing and sore. A cast held it in place tightly. The nurse gave me a demonstration and then she gave them to me. I swung both of my arms up and placed them on a bar attached to the crutches. They rubbed my arms which gave them a rash. I kept my left foot up and my other down.Then, I let the crutches swing forward and then i came along after it. I let a smile water my face. It was suprisingly fun, but I knew it wouldn't be for long. 

          "Thank you, I would really like to leave today though." I said to the nurse.

           "Okay, you can leave. But first we need to feed to, I'll be right back." She said and left the room. I saw as she left and I took a seat on the bed. I let out a sigh and waited in dead silence. A little while after, the nurse came back with a tray of food. Macoroni, nuggets, fruit, and a can of sprite.

          "Thank you." I smiled and she smiled back, then she left the room. I set the tray on a table and sat down. I started to eat. The fact that it was hospital food,didn't affect me. I was happy I had food and something to drink. I finished as full as ever and laid down on my bed. The janitor walked in and gave me an evil smirk, then he took my trashcan and took my...tray? Janitors never do that. The fact of how this janitor acted gave me the creeps. I calmed down after he walked out of the room. The nurse walked in shortly after that and walked me to the front of the hospital, we walked outside which made me smile and even laugh. The fresh smell of air, the cold crisp feeling of the breeze brushing my skin. The sound of birds and people found its way into my ears. I was happy to be out of the hospital. I was happy to be alive.



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