Going Home

A 17 yearold girl named Samantha a.k.a Sam, lives in New York... and not the nice New York. The guetto. But when her mother decides to pack her up and ship her down south with her grandmother for the summer when she gets into some big trouble one night, Sam is ticked off big time. When she first gets there she hates it but then she meets a special someone and her feelings for the country life may just change after all.


2. The Party

    So three days later around 10:30, my mom was fast asleep so I grabbed my house and car keys.

   The party was obviously in the guetto. And I must say, I am a very pretty girl and there isn`t really many white girls walking around the guetto. So as soon as I stepped out of the car in front of the house, the first thing that happened was some dude with wavy dark hair and looked to be half Latino came up to me. "Hey there, you goin' to this party?" he asked. "Yea," I smiled, "It's my friends boyfriend, Eric having it" my sickeningly sweet, little girl smile seemed to interest him, so I kept it up. He smiled back at me and said "Good thing he isn't yours right?". I just chuckled and grabbed his hand to lead him to the door.

When I got inside, I spotted the keg and brought him with me all the way to it. I asked for two beers and the guy said he had to go grab some more. So I turned and said, "So, what's your name?" "Max, what's your's?" I was about to say Sam but someone's scream interupted. It was honestly like a scream of bloody murder. Then I smelt it. There was a fire. Which didn't add up because why would you let out a terrified scream because of a fire? Then I realized that a fire could possibly end up with a burning person. That is why she screamed. My first instinct was to run and see what happened and where the fire was. I ignored it. Instead I ran straight for the door. And with my luck, straight into the arms of a cop. 



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