Going Home

A 17 yearold girl named Samantha a.k.a Sam, lives in New York... and not the nice New York. The guetto. But when her mother decides to pack her up and ship her down south with her grandmother for the summer when she gets into some big trouble one night, Sam is ticked off big time. When she first gets there she hates it but then she meets a special someone and her feelings for the country life may just change after all.


1. My Life

   If anyone ever asks what my life's theme song is, which they won't because that would be a wierd-assed question, I would say "Diva" by Beyoncé. If you have never heard it, well sucks for you I guess. Anyway, I would consider myself somewhat of a hustler. The kind of girl that all the rich blonde's mothers tell them to stay away from them. My mother insisted that I go to some totally overpriced private school. I absolutly hate it because,

a) I have no friends there

b) Those rich blondes I was talking about? Yeah, lot's of those there

But all of this is balenced out I guess. I mean it's not like I have no friends at all. I have lot's. It's just that my mother doesn't really llike them. I can't blame her though. I mean, they all live in the guetto and half of them are drop-outs. But I am fairly good at choosing friends. None of them are druggies. And that is saying something, considering the amount of people in New York that do drugs.

Oh, yeah. I live in New York. I didn't always. Until I was 10, I lived in a small town in West Virginia called Belmont. When my dad died, my mother decided to pick us up and move to get away from the memories that haunted her there. Although it may have worked for that purpose, it only made me the trouble child I am today. Oh well.

This theory however, only proved true when my best friend Kayla texted me and invited me to a party that her boyfriend was hosting for graduation. The last day of school is this week. Thursday, actually. The party is on Friday. Now all I have to do is decide whether to ask my mom if I can go or just sneak out. Hmm... sneak out. My mother has never liked Kayla's boyfriend.



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