Moving the Stars Part 1

This is a thrilling novel about two teenager siblings learning to get along through an epic quest.


3. Chapter 2: Tom


 At Wendy’s my parents got to-go food and we went back to the car. In the backseat I put my legs across the seat  and looked out the window. I remembered one May exactly one month before my birthday. Grey took me outside to show me the safe house. She said that she was my age when Dad gave her this early birthday present, and it was time for us to share it. Those were the good days, when I could still trust her. When we finally arrived at the clearing we chose (and by that I mean our parents privately chose before they told us about this stupid trip) we started to unpack. Grey and I had to share a tent and had to share all the responsibilities for it and Mom and Dad had their whole tent plus cooking and fire. We had one other responsibility as well. We got to dig the men's hole and women's hole because this wasn't an official campsite, so we had no latrines or anything. Grey didn't know this yet, and I wasn't looking forward to telling her. We luckily got a very large tent. I was smart and brought a roll of red tape and we made a line down the middle of the tent and put a tape G on one side and a tape T on the other. We made a silent agreement that we would unpack our own things and leave each other alone. We unpacked our things and then I shoved a shovel into her hands. "We need to go dig some holes," I said. "Why, so you can go die in one?" "No, they will be our bathrooms." She groaned.  "Please tell me we at least have toilet paper." "Yes, we at least have toilet paper," I say mocking her tone. 

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