Moving the Stars Part 1

This is a thrilling novel about two teenager siblings learning to get along through an epic quest.


2. Chapter 1: Gracie


So not only am I going to miss Jason’s party and have to spend the whole weekend with Tom but I have to spend it camping. Camping, oh how I hate that word, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, and I bet you there is no cell service either. They also say we are not going to an official campground which means no cabins or benches or fire circles. Just tents, us, and the woods. Right now I’m in the car in the middle seats with Tom in the back and mom and dad in the front. At least I’m not sitting next to Tom or anyone else. “Why don’t we sing a song” Mom asked. Tom and I groaned in unison. Both of us hate it when we do that. I don’t know why we stopped liking each other. In seventh grade and he was in sixth it started just fine and then he started changed and I guess I did too. He just stopped acknowledging my existence. I guess that’s when I started acting more like a high school girl like you see on a TV show. The car ride to get to our campsite was still more than three hours so I’m just going to put this away and play on my phone or listen to music or just be bored. Wait, you want to hear more about how Tom and I grew apart? Fine, but I’m going to start from the beginning. Tom was a really shy little boy from the start. There was just one person that he was always willing and comfortable talking to, me. When our mom and dad could not get him to do something they would always come get me. He told me his secrets and his problems. He made up the nickname I still use for everything, Grey. When he got to third grade he told me his biggest secret of all. He told me he was being bullied.

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