Moving the Stars Part 1

This is a thrilling novel about two teenager siblings learning to get along through an epic quest.


1. Prolouge: Tom


I never thought my life would be anything special and neither did my older sister. But both our lives changed on that late September camping trip. That trip was introduced to us like this, “Hi kids how was school today?” dad asked “Pretty normal.” Gracie my older sister replied. “Well this Friday you’re not going to school.” “WHAT?” my sister and I replied in unison. I hate it when we do that. “But we have school on Friday.” I added on. “All of us are going camping.” Mom said. “ Aren't you so excited?” My sister of course immediately started complaining and saying stuff like “What if I leave my lipstick at home?” or “What if there are bears?” I was not happy about it either but once mom and dad had made up their mind there was no stopping it so why bother complaining?
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