Dear Diary..

Sophia was just an ordinary eighteen year old girl who was on working at a posh hotel in the middle of London. What she didn't know is her life was going to be turned upside down but was it for better or for worse? Find out by reading how she feels in her diary...


2. That phonecall..

For the rest of the day we were pretty busy. But one thing stayed on my mind and distracted me from my work. Louis Tomlinson. I was being so stupid because we had only just met and i'm a whale compared to some of the girls that throw themselves at him. But still, he grabbed my attention.
Then the phone rang. I didn't want to answer it because it was proberly the posh gentlemen that just walked in complaining the bedding wasn't made from silk. But i was my job to satisfy so i answered the phone. "Good afternoon my name is Sophia and i am at your service, what seems to be the problem?" I groaned down the phone "hello, urm hi its me" a familiar voice said cheekily down the phone "i'm having a problem with the shower i was just wondering if you could help me, harry has gone to Starbucks and left me all alone" louis pretended to cry and made me giggle. "Yes sure, i will send somebody up now, hope you get it fixed Louis good-" "WAIT!" I heard louise shout "i was hoping you would help me" louis said plesently. He wanted me to help. I sat there thinking why did he want be but got knocked back to earth by louis saying hello in different languages to me. "O, urm.. sorry.. I will.. Get somebody to.. Cover me, i will come now!" With that i slammed the phone down and got Lisa to cover me. I ran up the stairs and fixed my hair before knocking the door.. "Hello Louis what seems to be the problem" i professionaly said as he was looking devine in his red and white stripped tee. "Nothing" he confessed "i just wanted to spend more time with you" he said looking at his red toms. I went a shade of red close to the shade his toms were. I looked at him and smiled and said "i would love to spend time with you" he looked up smiling and we both sat on the bed.
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