Dear Diary..

Sophia was just an ordinary eighteen year old girl who was on working at a posh hotel in the middle of London. What she didn't know is her life was going to be turned upside down but was it for better or for worse? Find out by reading how she feels in her diary...


4. F I G H T!!!!

'OUCH' i screamed off the top of my lungs. Louis was in hysterics behind me as he was the little devil who launched a tom straight of the back of my head. "Treat all your staff like this do you?" I said looking curiously at him. "Hahaha... Of... Hahaha course" louis cried. "Well i'm going to have to get you for that FIGHTTT" i screamed while not just launching a black van at louis but my whole body. Louis fell to the ground and seconds later i fell on top off him poking him and ticking him. We were in giggling fits. Louis tried to fight back grabbing clothes and even putting a pair of boxers on my head. He lay on the floor with me on top of him for about 5 minutes trying to get me off him until all the giggling stopped. I slowly removed the pair of boxers (clean i might add) off my head and placed them to the side of him. He grabbed my hips. I felt butterflies taking over my body. A feeling i never had before. We looked in each other eyes.. And... "Eye eye whats going on here" harry chuckled as he nudged the door with his bum closing it shut. He put the starbucks on the side with his phone and the room keys and watched me and louis stumble to our feet. "Urm, i was helping-" "helping with what love.." Harry interrupted. "Harry leave it" Louis said seeing me go a redder shade of red then i already was (how was this possible?!)
Harry laughed and nudged my arm, "i'm kidding, do what you like.. But you gotta clean this mess up if you like it or not" harry said pointing at the floor. Me and louis burst out laughing and started to pick all the clothes up off the floor. It looked like world war three had broken out!
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