Dear Diary..

Sophia was just an ordinary eighteen year old girl who was on working at a posh hotel in the middle of London. What she didn't know is her life was going to be turned upside down but was it for better or for worse? Find out by reading how she feels in her diary...


3. Clothes everywhere

"So" i whispered "what did you want to talk to me about?" Louis head shot up and smiled weakly. "You seemed like a nice girl, to nice to work here" his cheeks went a shade of red as he started to unpack his belongings. I started to laugh at the way he packed his case and stood up to help 'wow' i shook my head in amazement looking down at suitcase that looked like it has just irrupted clothes. "I was.. Urm.. In a rush" he stuttered."'Sit down and i will do it all the part of the service remember?" I said as i pushed louis making him sit on the bed. "Im sure this isn't in your job description" louis said almost confused what was going on. I looked at him just as confused and replied with "i don't think hate, paparazzi and people saying harsh words to family members is in your job description either but you just get on with it right?" "Haha yeh." Louis cut the conversation off so i carried on with 'my job' until something unexpected happened...
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