Dear Diary..

Sophia was just an ordinary eighteen year old girl who was on working at a posh hotel in the middle of London. What she didn't know is her life was going to be turned upside down but was it for better or for worse? Find out by reading how she feels in her diary...


1. Today was my lucky day!

Dear Diary,
My alarm went off at half six, as i turned over and knocked it off my bedside table hoping it would shut up, i realised it was monday. I work in a hotel in the middle of London, it gets so busy and today i wasn't feeling up to talking and making polite conversation. Nether the less, i got out my warm cosy pit and walked to the bathroom with a towel and my work uniform at hand. 15 minutes later i returned looking half decent with my hair up in a messy bun and a bit of foundation and mascara on. I picked up my alarm clock from the side and set out for work.
By the time the bus had came and i got to work it was 7:45. I strolled in and forced a smile on my face as i sat at reception waiting for it to get busy. I fiddled with my phone playing Temple Run. I must of been so into my game i didn't hear the bell at the desk ringing. "Excuse me madam" a man said, he sounded nearly as annoyed as i was having to look away from my game causing me to run into a tree. "Oh, hello sir. I apologise i didn't see you there how may i help you?" I said quickly stuffing my phone in to the pocket of my trousers. "My name is Paul, i am the manager of One Direction. I booked 3 rooms for us." The words One Direction spun around my head. My younger sister izzy adored them, you can no longer see her bedroom walls because of the posters of those five boys she had. I wasn't a crazed fan but i thought they were pretty hot. I wanted to let out a little scream as i knew these five strapping lads will be in front of me shortly. However I tried to focus on my job and being professional so i just replied with "of course let me take some details and you can have your room keys" Paul just nodded and gave me the details i needed.
With that he turned on his heels and jogged to the door, i saw him signal the boys to get out the van. The time was now 8:30 and a few fans had found out where one direction were staying. Because there was only a few outside they stopped to have photos and came in with suitcases.
The moment they walked in to the building i let out a little screech. 5 beautiful boys headed towards the desk and stood in a line. "Hello, i'm Harry and this is Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis" the curly haired Harry politely said. "Hello and welcome to the hotel, my name is Sophia" As i said this i smiled at Louis, he smiled back going a shade of pink. " your rooms are 1,2 and 3 please enjoy your stay! If you need anything you know where i am" I gave Paul, Zayn and Louis a key for the rooms. As i gave louis his he whispered in my ear "Sophia, such a beautiful name" i went a shade of red and giggled a little as i looked him in the eyes. Paul ruined the moment shouting at louis to hurry up. Today was going to be a good day... I could feel it...
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