Skinny Love ∞ A One Direction Fanfic

Britton is a normal British teenager, except for the fact she's dating a huge popstar( Harry Styles). The only problem is, that Britton feels like it's Skinny Love. Does Harry feel the same way? Will Britton screw up her chance with a gorgeous international popstar? READ TO FIND OUT!

My inspiration was from Bon Iver's song, Skinny Love. :)


4. Starbucks

Chapter 4   Starbucks                                                                                                     

                                                   Liam's POV 

  "Liam, Liam!" was all I could hear. It was a typical December day and I was getting my daily Starbucks. The fans and paparazzi were crazy as usual. "Thank you very much!" I exclaimed when the barista handed me my vanilla iced coffee. As I was attempting to walk out, I saw her. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had sparkling emerald eyes and stunning brown locks the color of chocolate. I thought I hadn't seen her before, but she seemed so familiar.

  Then it hit me. It was the girl Harry had described to the boys and I. She had just broken up with him only an hour or two before. What was I thinking? I couldn't be anything more than friends with my best mate's ex-girlfriend! 

                                           Britton's POV

  As I was walking in the crowded London Starbucks, I was actually a bit happier. There was so many people there that someone had to be famous in there. That meant, he/she would take all of the negative attention away from me, considering tomorrow everyone would know what had happened between me and Haz. Right when I walked in, I could see who it was. It was Liam, from One Direction! "Oh my gosh!" I thought. Harry had probably told all the boys that I had broken up with him. "Oh! I'm so sorry love!" said a sweet voice in front of me. It was Liam! He had accidentally ran into me on his way out."Oh no,no it's fine!" I said with a genuine smile. He was absolutely gorgeous. He had amazing brown eyes that shined. His shaved head brought out all of his adorable facial features. I had to admit, he was sweet and extremely handsome. What was I saying? I had just heard him utter out literally only five words and I was already in love with him!! "Hello?" I heard him say. "Oh! Yeah, sorry!"I said stupidly. I had just been standing there, taking all of his beauty in. I had already forgotten about Harry. Maybe this was good for me! Or.... the complete opposite.

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