Skinny Love ∞ A One Direction Fanfic

Britton is a normal British teenager, except for the fact she's dating a huge popstar( Harry Styles). The only problem is, that Britton feels like it's Skinny Love. Does Harry feel the same way? Will Britton screw up her chance with a gorgeous international popstar? READ TO FIND OUT!

My inspiration was from Bon Iver's song, Skinny Love. :)


3. Regret

Chapter 3    Regret

                                                       Britton's POV

   "What the heck had gotten into me?!" I thought while I was driving home. Harry hadn't done anything wrong. I just couldn't handle the "fame" anymore I guess. The pain instantley sank in my heart. I could already feel a twinge of regret. What had I done? Now, there would be stories in the magazines trying to explain my raged behavior. They would blame it all on Harry. No, no I shouldn't have done that and been a drama queen. Harry meant so much to me. I couldn't break up with him because of something that wasn't even his fault at all. As I rolled up into the parking lot for my flat, I was sobbing. I ran up the long staircase and opened my flat door open loudly and slammed it. I immediately ran to my small room. "Britton, what the hell happened?!" I heard Elle call out. A few seconds later, she was in my room, sitting on the bed next to my pathetic self. " Britton, please explain," she said softly seeing I was very upset. "Harry and I are done, Elle," I said sadly. Saying those words made me cringe inside. " Oh my god, Britton. I'm so sorry," she whispered. Elle let me cry for what seemed like ages until I broke the silence."Elle, I broke up with him. It's all my fault. I acted like a complete idiot and stormed out of the shoot when we were done. He tried to talk to me about it, but I acted like a coward and avoided him and just drove off," I explained thoroughly while sniffeling back tears. We both sat in silence while I collected myself. I just need to get out for a while before I had to explain anything more. "Hey, Elle. I'm going to go get myself a quick drink at Starbucks. I'll be back pretty soon," I said. "Okay," she said softly. I needed to just get away from it all.                               


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