Skinny Love ∞ A One Direction Fanfic

Britton is a normal British teenager, except for the fact she's dating a huge popstar( Harry Styles). The only problem is, that Britton feels like it's Skinny Love. Does Harry feel the same way? Will Britton screw up her chance with a gorgeous international popstar? READ TO FIND OUT!

My inspiration was from Bon Iver's song, Skinny Love. :)


5. Author's Note

                                                           AUTHOR'S NOTE

   Okay! Hey guys! It's me, Emily. I just wanted to write this note to tell you guys that I know the fanfic is going really fast right now. I wanted to tell you guys that it will slow down a bit soon. I will also go into more detail.


                                             Back to the story!!!

  Bye loves!-

  Emily Rose XOXO


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