Skinny Love ∞ A One Direction Fanfic

Britton is a normal British teenager, except for the fact she's dating a huge popstar( Harry Styles). The only problem is, that Britton feels like it's Skinny Love. Does Harry feel the same way? Will Britton screw up her chance with a gorgeous international popstar? READ TO FIND OUT!

My inspiration was from Bon Iver's song, Skinny Love. :)


2. Alone

Chapter 2      Alone                                                             


                                                                      Harry's POV  

  "Where is she Harry?!" my manager yelled from across the room. " Trust me, I know my Britton, she'll be here in a moment," I exclaimed with a large smile plastered on my face. Britton had just texted me she was almost here. I was so glad I was going to get to see her again. Management has set me up with so many fake girlfriends just for publicity. But Britton is different. She is so real and genuinely kind. I almost feel like she's the one. I can only hope she feels the same way about me.....

                                                                     Britton's POV 

As soon as I arrived to the photographers, I could already see clutches of groups of paparazzi. Just do this for Harry. You can get through this. Put on a smile... "Britton! Your here!" Harry said. He immediately hugged and kissed me on the cheek. If this wasn't just for Harry to look good, maybe I'd think he actually loved me. "FINALLY!" Harry's diva manager yelled. "Okay! Let's start! Hmm... okay Britton, I think you'd look fantastic in this dress," the manager from the fashion department said. I had at least 6 people crowded around me putting lipstick on me or messing with my hair. I was very claustraphobic. I looked over and Harry was in the exact same situation. Ugh. I hate dating him, yet he is so sweet. It seemed like I always had someone right next to me planning the next day I'd see Harry or telling me what special event I have to attend. "One shoot down, dozens more to go," I mumbled under my breath. It had only just begun, but I was already on my last nerve.                                                       

                                                                 Harry's POV

   "Britton! Please come here!" I shouted. She had just ran out of the building the minute we finished the shoot. Paparazzi was swarming her and asking her annoying questions."What did I do wrong?" I finally met her at her car. "What Harry?" she asked, obviously distressed. "What's is wrong Britton?" I asked sweetly. "I can't it anymore Harry. I love you, but our relationship is just about the band, not us. We can't even spend a minute alone anymore. It's not your fault," she explained. She then climbed into her little car and drove off leaving me in the swarm cold and more alone than ever.

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