Skinny Love ∞ A One Direction Fanfic

Britton is a normal British teenager, except for the fact she's dating a huge popstar( Harry Styles). The only problem is, that Britton feels like it's Skinny Love. Does Harry feel the same way? Will Britton screw up her chance with a gorgeous international popstar? READ TO FIND OUT!

My inspiration was from Bon Iver's song, Skinny Love. :)


1. Getting Ready

Chapter 1    "Getting Ready"                                         

                                               Britton's POV         

   " Britton, wake up! You and your drop-dead gorgeeeeous boyfriend have a photoshoot!"   I grumbled and stretched awkwardly in my comfortable, plush queen bed. My best friend Elle was acting like a little kid on Christmas. Today was my first photoshoot with my new boyfriend, Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry Styles. "Britt, come on you have to look great!" Elle squealed. She obviously didn't realize they would do my makeup there. I was honestly planning on just going in Victoria's Secret sweats and Uggs.

I think Elle was still in shock that I, Britton Claire Beauvoir, was dating the most popular teen icon in the world right now, Harry Edward Styles. You may think that it would be awesome to be his girlfriend, but it's definitely not. I consider our relationship skinny love. We hardly ever see each other and when we do, it's for interviews and cute, phony pictures for the magazines. To be truthful, I don't even thinks he loves me for me. I believe he loves me for my looks, not my story.

"Britton Claire Beauvoir, get up right now or else!" Elle was serious. "OKAY! Fine. Just so you know, I'm not dressing up for this," I told her. I got up rather quickly and went to the bathroom. In the mirror, I saw a boring girl with mousy brown hair and ugly green eyes. My fans (really Harry's), saw a gorgeous chocolate brunette with emerald green eyes and a flawless personality. This is going to be a great outing with my boyfriend Harry, not.








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