1. Choose!


We do not dictate who we love but we can dictate who we hate. We are born to make mistakes but we can also from that allow ourselves to recreate. We must not give up on having faith even if we feel we are carrying so much weight, & conformed actions will eventually show the difficulties of trying to ventilate. We should remember that everything that's happened had a set time & date, so what ever we wish to acquire we need to be patient & wait. We will over a period of time learn that life ain't a perfect portrait. We should accept that situations may or may not happen no matter how much we premeditate. We shouldn't forget that pain & heartache also has the ability to educate, Try put ourselves around good company so as we can replicate. We will once or twice see that friends can turn to enemies or just become delicate while your friendship elevates. Bottom line everything we desire is there for us to accumulate, & we shouldn't forget to become our own advocates.  Written by Ali AJ Jamal ©

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