Just my luck

Abi is just a normal girl until one day everything changes...


3. Who won?

It was two weeks later and we were all at my house gathered around the radio to see who the winner was. "Okay, many of you have entered the comp, but only one entry can win. I chose this person to the winner because firstly; The reason she wanted tickets has happened to me before and secondly; she was giving the other four to her friends." We smiled when he the part about her giving it to her friends. "So the winner is" we did a mini drumroll on the floor, "Natasha's Erins, from Melbourne!" "Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!" We all screamed. "We're going to 1D concert! We're going to a 1D concert..." Natasha and Paige started a conga line around my room and eventually we all joined in. "Shhhh! I wanna hear what it says next!" Whispered Ingrid. We all sat back down again. "Ets were sent before so they should be there soon. Hope you and if your friends are listening thema as well have a great time!" Then "Gotta Be You" came on. We started singing along but instead of saying "Gotta Be You" we sang "Gotta be us". Then suddenly I stopped. " OMG! We've gotta go get some clothes!" I shouted over the music. We all raced out the door and literally jumped into my Mercedes. SKIP CAR RIDE
When we got there we ran straight into the women's clothes area. We made a promise that none of us were allowed to see what anyone else bought. We all checked out seperatly and met up at Macdonalds. We got a sundae to eat on the way home and the we went.
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