Just my luck

Abi is just a normal girl until one day everything changes...


4. Meeting them

Ingrid's POV

We were all at my house waiting for the taxi to come. We finally heard a car horn and we ran out through the pouring rain and thunder/lightning storm to get in the car. When we got there we all got out and showed the guards our tickets. They then let us through when the concert finally started we were screaming our heads off. We had planned not to but oh well.  After the concert Claudia's mum came and picked us up. We heard cameras click behind us. We turned to see One Direction running away from the paparazzi - right towards Claud's car. As the door was still open they jumped in. Because there was not must space, Paige sat on Louis's lap, Claudia on Zayn's, Natasha on Harry's, Abi on Liam's and I was on Niall's.

"I'm so sorry ma'm, we are trying to get away from the paps. If we go back to where we're staying, they will know where we are." Harry spoke up. 

"Don't stress, the girls are having a sleepover tonight. If you want to stay you can." Claud's mum said, "I'm sure you won't ruin it." She joked.

When we got home we sat on the couches and the floor and started talking. We went around and said five things about ourselves. Then Harry told everyone to say there favourite person in the room of the opposite gender. 

Zayn: Claudia

Niall: Ingrid

Liam: Abi

Harry: Natasha

Louis: Paige

Abi: Liam

Paige: Louis

Claudia: Zayn

Ingrid: Niall

Natasha: Harry

each "pair" moved to sit next to each other. 

This was gonna be a fun sleepover.


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