Just my luck

Abi is just a normal girl until one day everything changes...


2. Huge Shock

Claudia laughed and said "Louis & Eleanor apparently just broke up!"

"OMG!" I exclaimed, "That's terrible!"

"Na a a!" said Paige, rising from the bed. "It's awesome!!"

"Oh yeah, whoops! I forgot he was your favourite!" I laughed.

"Yaaaayyyy! You got her to talk!" Tash giggled.

"Well did Paige get any?" I asked hopefully, crossing my fingers behind my back. They all exchanged looks that said "should we tell her?" and finally after about 30 seconds they all shook their heads sadly. I frowned and l placed my bag down on the stool next to me and sat down on the bed with the other girls. Little did I know that the stool I had placed my bag on had the remote to the radio. It turned on when my bag fell on it. We were lucky enough to just hear: "And remember; go to our website for your chance to win five tickets to One Direction's next concert in your choice of destination ".    We all smiled at each other and Natasha got out her laptop. We went onto the website and sent in an online application form about Natasha and why she wanted the tickets. It looked like this:

Name: Natasha Erins Address:(sorry but I can't write down this = #) Post code:#    Email:#                              Reason: My friends and I really wanted to buy tickets but none of our computers were loading.                       Who would you give them to?                                                                                                                    Person 1: Paige (friend) Person 2: Claudia (friend) Person 3 :Abi (friend) Person 4:Ingrid (friend)                Place/City: Melbourne        


We clicked enter and it was sent we just had to wait three weeks to find out who the winner is.

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